I was returning brake pads that were not needed to O’Rielly’s Auto - O’Reilly Auto Parts

In the original box purchased 3 days ago and core charges on 1 caliper and 2 caliper mounting brackets ” I was informed when i tried to return the cores I needed the boxes ” you need to put that information on the” BOXES and the RECEIPT ”

I drove 45 miles one way to the Pine city , MN O’rielly’s .

I saw no humor in this situation so i left the pads and cores at their front door and cald the store to let them know that they can keep there core and pads THEY MUST NEED THE MONEY.  Of course they know they have lost a long time customer and have add to the people that will discredit O’rielly’s.  As I told the staff in the store in life you get what you give.

I own a smaller business and all my customer are important to us and i inform all of my employees that they are only as good as there last project / customer. Maybe that why Lusters Pro Floors has been in business for over 30 years we never would argue over a box and inconvenience our customer that way

O’Rielly’s auto
Pine City MN

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