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I have had sprint services of a little while now (3 to 4 yrs) and i don’t like it one bit. I want to turn off my phone. I have called many times about the same thing, not having good service and it always dropping calls. I have moved and now its worse i cant even send a txt message with out it failing more then 3x or more. I cant even receive calls. SO why would i want to pay so much money with something i cant use. If you all don’t work with me i will be tell everyone i know not to use your services because they suck. I want to just turn it off and go to a different provider with out paying anything. I say that because i have given you all more then 1 change to help me out and you haven’t. I don’t have the money to be throwing away. So i ask that you all would grant my wishes. Thanks for your time.

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