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I went into the automated Dish TV system to pay my bill. I never confirmed my payment, but the automated system took and extra 250.00 out of my bank account. I called a Representative right away and was assured that they would refund my 250.00 with-in 3-5 business days. I have called several times as I have not gotten my money back, yet it has been 8 WORKING days! When I called again today I was told that they would get back to me again when they found out what was the problem. At the end of my conversation the representative told me to have a nice weekend. Which means her promise to get back to me today will not be up held. I have incurred a bank fee of 75.00 due to an over draft to my bank account and I was told that they would not refund that to me, even though it is clearly their fault that my money has not been returned!

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