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Address: 6567 E. Carondelet Dr #465 Green Valley, Arizona 85714

I am a winter resident. While I was in Green Valley this winter I saw a Pediatrist, Dr. Walters, who prescribed some orthotics for me and told me to go to Hangar Medical Supply in G.V. The person who saw me there was a guy named Spencer. He measured my feet and took my prescription and sent them off to someone to create the product.

It took a month to get them back. The doctor said it shouldn’t take more than a week or two.

The orthotics didn’t fit right. The prescription was changed and i took them back to Hangar; another month. They still weren’t right so I saw the doctor again. Unfortunately this was just before I was supposed to leave for my summer home. But the doctor took the orthotics, said they would be taken to Spencer the next day, he would fix them and send them to me at my summer address.

Hangar Orthopedic and Orthotics
6567 E. Carondelet Dr
Suite #465 Green Valley, AZ 85714

IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS and I still don’t have my orthotics. I paid $300.00 for these and I’ve gotten about one month’s worth of wear in an eight month period. I’ve called the doctor; she said Spencer has them. I’ve called Hangar, they said they would give him the message. I’ve called three times; no Spencer returning my calls; no orthotics. I feel that my orthotics have been kidnapped and perhaps I should call the police and tell them. It’s very frustrating. My feet are killing me and it’s affecting my hips and back.

This is not a company that should be patronized if this is the kind of service they give. Don’t patronize Hangar in Green Valley, Arizona, or in Tucson either for that matter.

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