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Customers beware do not stop there for gas you will get rip-off

On Sunday 06/10/2012 around 6:00 pm i went to the shell gas station at 4540 west little york I pull up to pump #9 an went inside to pay for gas I gave the attendant that was working there twenty dollars for gas when I started getting gas the pump stop on only five dollars I went back inside to tell the attendant that he stop the pump on five dollars but while i was waiting to speak with him another person was telling him the same thing about why he stops the pumps on only five dollars after that I ask the attendant to complete my gas transaction.

He just laugh at me an said that I only gave him only five mine you I drive a Mercedes cl an five dollars wont get me a mile down the road after asking him again an again he just said call the police he didn’t care. So I call 911 an ask for a police to come over while we were standing out side waiting for the police he was just looking out of the window an on the phone just laughing at us I remember that last month we stop by the same place location an paid the same attendant forty dollars cash for gas when we started getting gas the pump stop on twenty dollars.

I went inside an let the same person name Mohommad that the pump stop on twenty after he curse me out he gave me the other twenty of gas after the police came they went in side an spoke with him they came out side an told us to just file a complaint with the store manager i am very upset with this station they have a person that works with them that steal from customers

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