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Address: Shoppes at LaSalle Fresh Grocer - 5301 Chew Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138
Phone: 268-323-3800

Constant complaints directed to several store managers (Joe Hip)regarding expired dates on yogurt and milk. Unfortunately this has been to no avail and now this has escalated to the seafood in which I found outdated smoked whitefish as well as bad mussels.

When I spoke with Joe Hip I informed him that continued occurrences will result me in reporting Fresh Grocer to the Better Business Bureau.

This problem still continues I purchased lunchment Boar’s Head Maple Turkey on 11/25/12 made a sandwich on 11/26/12 and realized the meat was spoiled.

I went back to the store and spoke with Natalie Cariela regarding my concerns about their products and told him that I told Joe Hip my next step would be to inform the Better Business Bureau regarding any further out dated products. Mr. Cariela reply was that he wished me luck.

My continued complaints only demonstrate that Fresh Grocer has no care or concern for the neighborhood they service

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