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I was gong through my mortgage bill recently and found the was a charge on the bill for Property Inspections. It wasn’t for a lot of money, only $27, so I called them and asked them why this was on the bill, they said “It was a legal charge they put on my bill for having someone drive by my home to make sure if we are still living here.

They said they do it for people who get behind on their mortgage to make sure they are still living there and it was in our contract. My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar Mortgage from Aurora Mortgage and that has never been done before and I lived at this property since 8/1997.

I said it was not part of my contract and they said it was and the only way they can dispute this is by a hand written letter sent to their company to check into it. First of all, how do I know that anybody drove by my house ever, secondly isn’t that a violation of my privacy rights not to mention wire fraud?

Can you please look into this for me? Thank you very much.

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