459-121-8344 Report: False Contest

I keep getting these phone calls from someone claiming I entered an online survey. They claim that I have won gifts that add up to 160.00 I don’t know who these people are. October 31, 2012 I tried to get to the web site called WALKA. My firewall would not let me go to that site.  Claims it is a dangerous site and should not inter. When you tell the woman that you can’t go to the site, she gets mad and starts telling me how to go there.
She is very rude and doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Finally I told her to give it to someone else and she tells me to have a blessed day and hangs up.

Today November 1, 2012 the same woman calls again to tell me I have won prizes from where I entered a survey and it is the same thing over again.  She refuses to listen to me and gets loud and rude and keeps trying to get me to go to this site. Finally again after I tell her to give it to someone else and told her I was not interested in this she finally gets mad and says have a blessed day and hangs up. Is there any way to stop these people?

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I also received a call and a female told me I had won all these prizes but I would have to get on my computer and she would walk me through the process of claiming my winnings. I asked her 3 times what kind of survey did I supposedly fill out and she would not give me an answer, I hung up on her.


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