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First of all my spelling and or grammar is not and should not be a factor in this report so if it takes away from its issuance! next time and time again the staff of the Hanford branch of the salvation army has been late in opening for the service of breakfast the hours are clearly stated to be from 7:30 in the morning to 8:30 in the morning They continually have open late leaving those they provide services for to stand out in the heat ,cold and rain many of these said people have medical problems that can cause further health issues for if not quite frankly cost them their lives(point being I have been there when ambulances have had to be called because of said condition) furthermore while cooking there meals they will not allow those waiting to use the restroom, they refuse to fully comply with health and safety codes such as wearing hairnets and gloves, the bathrooms have not been kept clean nor have the kept any hand soap or sanitizer in them for the health and safety of all who use the services at said place.

These conditions are cruel and sadistic. furthermore when the accepted the assignment of providing these services the also accepted the hours of which they are to operate. by not to the operation of said hours it throws of not only their schedule and the amount of services in they hours they operate that they can provide but also prevent may of the people they supply services to miss appointments for other services they need from other organizations some of these services which can and are time sensitive meaning if they can make it on time they lose out on the funding that those services provide.If they can not step up and run things more effectively then those who currently operate the place need to step down and make room for someone who will. there are more things to complain about as well. but this is a good start. thank you Rev. aaron hairell

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