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we got dish tv service on june 1st 2012. since then we have had nothing but outages,they been here and replaced the equipment and we called at least 12 times in 3 months to report issues. From no service at all to the receiver boxes just going out black all the time .Then they started taking money from the debt card i used to make the installation happen.without being authorized.we had waited to get our money back, and by the time they got around to processing it …we supposedly owed another month for service we were not getting ,they took a month service charges out of the refund because it ‘was due’ At the time the return payment for taking 117.00 instead of 17.23 ,we were current. They took they’re time getting the refund to me ,but made the mistake in a blink of an eye.

TODAY I call to just cancel it ,and they said sure ….for 350.00 ! a service charge for canceling early.For the 3 months we had DISH TV we had nothing but issues ! Every time we called they had no info that i called and complained previously ?REALLY !?

The only way for me to get them to stop billing me is to pay them the 350 to stop service and come get the equipment.REALLY ? so now to keep them from pillaging my checking account 350 i had to cancel my debit card .! So now how do i get the dish and receivers back to them and not be charged for service we are not getting and equipment we are not using .?

They basically are telling me they would give me 3months free to keep me ,per our conversation today ,or charge my account 350 to disconnect and get they’re equipment outta here ! So they wanted me to stay and they would give me 3 more months free .FOR WHAT i’m not getting any services why should i have to pay. I told them 2 other times during the first 2 months that we just were not interested anymore.that the service was horrible ,and i have called numerous times during the 3 months to complain and they just kept stringing me along to get past the 3 months making promises and saying that it will be fixed.

Well just had cable put in today and they still wont disconnect the service and get the equipment outta here and the charges to stop.If I call again and stop service ,they would take the 350 out of my checking …good luck i canceled the account .yes extreme ? i can’t afford them taking another UNAUTHORIZED payment from my checking account and messing up the checking account and waiting for ANOTHER refund due to they’re incompetence!

The stress is really starting to mount and no assistance from them .It’s they’re way or the highway …..can someone help “?……Thanks

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