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On Sept 13th, 2012 Dish was supposed to offset my joint checking account for my account balance of $55.99. II need to preface the following story with the fact that I work for the Credit Union where I have my checking and savings account. Any returned items to either account will result in a disciplinary write up that comes from the executive office and the CEO down to my Vice President. There is a reason I am saying all of this. On the 13th when I saw that my payment had not been debited out of my checking account on the due date I called Dish and spoke to a representative named “Charles”. He could not tell me why my payment had not been offset on the due date. He offered to take my payment over the phone. However, he neglected to tell me that there was a $5.00 processing fee and that there was still a great possibility that Dish would still debit my checking account for the account balance. Not knowing these issues I agreed to make my payment with him over the phone. I don’t like to pay my bills late and that was the due date.

The following day as I was reconciling my Dish account I saw that “Charles” had taken $60.99 instead of the account balance of $55.99. I called customer service once again and spoke to “Edwin”. He promptly apologized for the miscommunication and offered to waive the $5 fee AND to STOP the payment I had given Charles the day before. Evidently “Edwin” did not process my refund properly and he also did not tell me that Dish could offset my account for both payments despite the fact that I only owed $55.99. On Monday Sept 17, 2012 I was reviewing my checking account and discovered that Dish had offset my account for (2) payments causing my checking account to go negative prompting a disciplinary letter to be prepared against me about the NSF. I called Dish once again and spoke to “Miguel” I explained what happened and advised him that I needed my checking account credited for the additional payment of $60.99 AS WELL as a letter from Dish explaining the error that occurred. Miguel was apologetic, said he would have to speak to his Manager and placed me on hold. When he returned he informed me that his Manager “Jose” would only authorize a credit bac to my account for $55.99 and NO they do not have any type of letter they could provide me for my employer.

Now understand that I told Miguel that this error was negatively impacting MY employment. I asked to speak to his Manager Jose. Miguel said “Jose” told him to tell me that I would have to call back in (5) minutes. Miguel placed me on hold for nearly (6) minutes before “Nicole” NOT “Jose” came to the phone. Once again she apologized. Once again she said she would authorize a credit back to my checking account for $60.99 but once again she said that Dish Network could not provide me with any letter. I asked for the Corporate head quarters telephone number. She politely told me that “They Don’t Have a CHQ Toll Free #) but would transfer me to the “Executive Resolution Group”. Yolanda Mendez answered. She too was apologetic. She too said she would ensure my checking would be credited. She too told me that there was no letter that Dish could provide me. Then she said she would speak to her Manager and call me back before 3:00 pm CST. She called my cell phone the following day despite the fact that I repeatedly told them to call my office number because for security reasons we are not permitted to have our cell phones on during business hours. Her voice mail message said the same thing she said to me on Monday “Sorry but there is no letter we can send you or your company”. I called her back today and got her VCM.

I found the CHQ office number and the male receptionist who answered AND didn’t identify himself transferred my call back to the executive resolution group and cut me off right as I was telling me “Please do not transfer me back to them”. I hung up and called right back 3 times and the CHQ telephone # 303-723-1000 rang ad rang and rang for over 20 times each time I tried to call back. I wanted to speak to someone at the executive level or at least get Joseph P. Clayton’s email address at Dish so I could send him a letter. Unfortunately, the employees that I have dealt with at Dish while polite to me, clearly have demonstrated that their customers/clients DO NOT MATTER!!! If I am terminated by this error I won’t be able to continue to have Dish in my home so I would be forced to cancel my account. All I want is for Dish Network TO DO THE RIGHT THING!!! We all make mistakes, that’s life.

But their mistake is going to cause me to be written up and could place me in jeopardy of losing my job. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the way my situation has been handled and I simply cannot believe that as a customer I can’t reach anyone at CHQ who would be willing to offer their assistance to me. Any one and everyone that I come into contact with will be advised to do business with another company other than Dish. They are unprofessional, careless AND thoughtless with there customers!

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