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I have been bob evans server for 5 years. I have never been this unhappy at my job before. I have always been treated with respect and I thought worked with people that actually cared for my well-being which is why I have stayed with this company for so long. I feel like ever since I have gotten pregnant I have been treated differently and discriminated against.

First of all I moved thirty mins. from my store. There was another store that was ten mins. from my new house and they wouldn’t let me transfer because I got wrote up over spilling salad dressing from a very unpleasant manager. It was a accident and I truly am more clumsy since I have been pregnant. They wrote me up saying I was harming their food cost. Yes over spilled dressing. So their excuse was that I couldn’t get transferred because I needed to clean up my file. I obviously have a pretty good file if it takes something like a accident over spilled dressing to find a reason to write me up or document me.

I am also upset that I applied to be an assistant manager or to be a server leader and I have never received any kind of raise of any sort or promotion. Another girl from my store which I trained has now moved up and became a server leader before this new training she is getting now she only knew how to serve. I have been trained to cook, serve, and host. I have been trained in all of these areas for years now and have never been moved up in the company or got a raise but this girl which i trained one year ago is now a server leader. Why wasn’t I offered that position is it because I am well over qualified.

On Saturday of last week I had to wait on one of the new server leaders table because she let them set their without anything to drink or even a hello for fifteen mins. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a customer complaint and our new server leader just had one two days ago and I had to be their server plus take care of my tables. Which is not a problem I do it all the time I’m all about team work but for a server leader to need help from me just a server that can’t even get transferred is pretty ridiculous.

Today was the worst day I have had working for bob evans. I told my manager the same one that wrote me up over spilled salad dressing that I would came in to help her out on my day off . Well today I realized that they have moved my doctor appointments from every two weeks to every week because they are worried about my going into labor early because of stress. So I told my manager as soon as i got in the door about how I wasnt going to be able to came in on my day off because I had a doctors appointment. She told me to wait and tell the other manager christina who does the schedules the same manager that has been treating me terrible throughout my pregnancy.

She came into work at 12: 30 . I go into the back of the restaurant by the office and tell her that I forgot about my doctors appointment tomorrow and that i wasn’t going to be able to came in on the day off tomorrow but she had a whole day to find someone to cover the shift. The policy for call ins is that you have two hours before your shift to call in if your not going to make it. I told my managers 24 hours in advanced that I wasn’t going to make it in on my day off because of a doctors appointment. The response I got was unbelievable.  Chrissy started yelling at me and telling me that she put me on the schedule and if I didn’t show up tomorrow I was going to have a documentation because she added me to the schedule. I didn’t have a chance to say a word. She went on and on with her voice still raised at me about how I wasn’t going to be able to pick up any extra shifts anymore, and how I was not going to be called in anymore. After she was done yelling I was just like I have two weeks left don’t schedule me after two weeks i want to take my maternity leave early. I wanted to work until I was do which isn’t until August 27th but I can’t take it anymore. A customer heard her yelling from the restaurant and went up to the host ajaia and asked her who was doing all the yelling in the back of the restaurant.That is unprofessional for one of bob evans managers to act so crazy over something so small. I was only trying to help out, and thats how I got treated.

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