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Address: 5316 W. Shaw Fresno, California 93705

I was looking for a gas station to fill my tank and saw the Shell station advertise $3.73 a gallon on a lighted sign, the station next to them advertised $3.78 so I pulled into the Shell Station with the cheaper advertised price.

After putting in my credit card and started to fill my tank the price came up as $3.83. I filled my tank anyway but went to the owner and said you are falsely advertising your prices. He said no, its ,more if you use a credit card. I said your advertising does not indicate that, he said see the other sign? I said no I see no other sign, he said its right over there, said I could not see it, its not lighted. He then walked 50 feet and said see, here is the sign. It was a small sign, behind some bushes which you could not see from the road and unlit. The only sign you could see from the road was the $3.73 charge.

This is deceptive advertising and this owner needs to be fined for not providing proper information.

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