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Like many others, I was fooled and lured in to the spider web of this Dean Graziosi. Men, the coaches were great on inviting you on these three day seminar. Having this heard from an infomercial on the television, I thought it was legit. For $1997, you will learn the secrets of the real estate business and become rich. Backed up with the testimonies of two millionaires saying they are a product of Dean Graziosi’s teachings. Thinking it was legit, I signed up online for their seminar.

On their seminar, 80% per day for three days, they were talking about upgrading our membership to premium for only $12 to $24k and there we will learn the hidden secrets of the industry. Nevertheless, the whole seminar was none sense. All they offered can be found at google for free. The even charged everyone another $997 for the tax liens part of the seminar. I did not pay of course.

I am an engineer, I think based on what I think is true and legit. I simply wasted my three days and my money to this. If they are really making millions especially Dean from the Real Estate Business, why would they have to lure in and extort money out of the innocent such as me? This goes to show that they really don’t have millionaires. This is a well rehearsed performance of scam artists lead by the best con man himself, Dean Graziosi. Curse you Dean Graziosi!

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Today is the anniversary of 9/11. The day dean way f*****g his stripper girlfriend while his wife was looking for him for 3 hours…. True story

I was thinking of going for the free lunch – just showing up at lunch of course and then leaving

A Canadian that also bit the carrot and got suckered. I got suckered into almost $50,000 CAD including purchasing a property at the Las Vegas buying summit. I still don’t have my title. Will likely need to hire a lawyer to help me get my title but will have to wait until I can build up my cash reserves. I got sucked into giving these people my money on the notion of making huge dollars. We guess what, your ideas and tactics don’t work in Canada and when in Canada it’s pretty tough to put out bandit signs, seek cash… Read more »
My wife drags me to these seminars. Last time it was Armando Montenegro or something. Prior to attending I always Google search the companies for complaints and negative reviews. They’re all the same. They sucker you into the free seminar with a piece of bait (electronic device that one may think is worth $100.+, but is actually worth -$10.). The events are advertised as revelations of the secret code to make millions in real estate. All it is though is a sales pitch by professional BS artists. They are not even good at it, but it doesn’t matter because they… Read more »
I hope this helps someone. I am going to one of these seminars in about a week. Just some advice for the future, I would highly recommend going to these seminars with an open mind. Don’t make your decisions on ra-ra and promises from other people. Take your time. Short of winning the lottery or a miracle, you’re not going to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS instantly. I work in the real estate industry though not for any of these speakers. These products can work. I would recommend finding cheaper courses where you can learn the basics of the industry, how… Read more »

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANYTHING!!! Thomas YOU are working for this ****-clown!

Apparently, this Scam is a well oiled machine and WE WON’T be attending the Aug 2013 seminar in Richmond, Va., after all. We have no money to waste while we suffer through the Furlough. Thought we might find a way to get through by earning extra cash and keeping it coming in BUT I have read quite enough of Dean’s shenanigans. My time is money and I wont be wasting it with these SCAMMERS!!

DG offers a free camera, and the first 50 people who respond get a free computor etc. there is nothing given to anyone at those meetings, except for a card with a non existant web address for you to claim your free gift. If the man cant even afford to keep his word and give a cheep throw away camera to anyone how could he be telling the truth about anything he says. i was going to check him out and later sign up. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me.

I went to Greassy’s seminar the 2 hr event. I smelled a huge rat in the room. As a real estate broker for over 26 years I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Nothing but testimonials and smoke being blown up my ankels. They had some local guy come up on the stage a give a personal testimonial of how well he was doing. During the break I gave him my card and I told him I had a great deal for him if he had the funding. I never heard from him! After a half hour I knew I… Read more »

I went to Deans free seminar today and smelled a rat and left the meeting early …. I went to a similar 3 day seminar years ago from another investor organization founded by those 2 lil midgets ! got suckered for 500 smack a rues y’all ! then they try to con you into taking more courses that cost unimaginable amounts of $$$$$ …. in the high thousands ! the hot shot speaker today failed to mention that though. hmm, I wonder why.

Seriously!! I have spent Tens of thousands on courses (mostly between 2002-2005) and correct, the three day course I just finished attending this weekend has no definite guarantee you will succeed in a certain type of transaction of real estate, I know from experience that it is the best most thorough teaching I have seen for the beginning real estate investor that can be done in three days time (9am-6pm). Much about one’s mind-set is discussed (which in life and business) is very important. You need to know your strengths and weakness(es). This much is true, you could actually go… Read more »

obviously, Steve is one of their employees, if not the scam artist graziozi himself. What normal everyday person would go to such great lengths to praise this heathen and his system. By the way, if you get scammed by these scumbags, you deserve it. Everything deserved in life is well fought for and worked hard at. There is not shortcuts.

Thanks for saving my money….

I try to get my money back after i when to 3 days workshop fill up with alot of story,but i need a letter from one realtor already when to 3 days workshop and had the same problem i had (say 3 days workshop is a scam).If any realtor see this,please help me so i can get my money back .Thank you

Thank goodness I came across this! I have had Dean’s book for about 2 years now, and of course a typical me, I read about a chapter and then put it down… I said "I’ll take it slow before I get myself head over heals". I have gone back and read the first couple chapters and have read on to about chapter 7 here and there. However I started noticing a pattern and that was… "keep going". Also the testimonials told you "I did it, so can you", in so many words! After coming across this site, all it has… Read more »

I went to a seminar and realized it was a scam once they gave me the form to fill in. ‘Pennies on the dollar’ in real estate can only be about buying tax liens and hat is a cr*pshoot.

thanks for this I wa going to go but im good thxs sooooo much
thxs crystal

IM repeating all the above, except i payed 20,000 i upgraded each day, as a result they never did boot on the ground and many other supports they said they would be . phone number they gave were real but never answered or returned calls as they mentioned in meeting seminars.. long story short they also gave a money back guarantee . I want all my money back…


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