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A dog owner and lover I did not know Costco allowed dogs in the store. Dogs are walking around in the store without dog leash, barking, playing and urinating on Costco store items within their reach.

I am all for disable person to have a service dog.

Recently, at Richmond, CA Costco, shoppers are bringing all kinds of animal inside Costco store as a fashion statement and the Costco management looks the other way. These animals are sniffing and urinating on items near their reach. This was not the purpose of ADA service dog.

Please imagine someone that is scare of dogs or other animals can be scared horribly if an unleashed dog suddenly gives chase, confront or bullied a shopper in the Costco. Like Bullied in our high school, next time this person may carry a gun for protection to defend herself from unleashed dog inside a Costco. Because, Costco management did not stop the fraudulent service dog abuse.

Service dog or animal are not meant to follow the owner unleashed. Service dogs are used to lead, help and guide the disable person. Costco is not Monaco – Monte Carlo and Service dog or animals are not fashion statement.
Costco management needs to pay close attention and Set the following rule for service dogs:

“We normally allow no animals without an official assistance dog license or tag. If you have a guide dog, signal dog or service dog. Please show us the license and tag that are issued by the county animal control department or county clerk. If you need a service animal that does not have an assistance dog license or tag, please tell us in a letter why this is a reasonable accommodation for your disability. And at all times in the store the dog must be on leash.”

Additionally post and email notices to California members saying:
“Dog owners who fraudulently claim their dog is a service animal are subject to California Penal Code 365.7, which could result in “imprisonment in the county jail” and/or a fine that could run to $1,000.”

What constitutes disability For Social Security disability or SSI purposes?
To be considered disabled, individuals must have impairment, medical, psychological, or psychiatric in nature that keeps them from being able to do substantial gainful activity (SGA, discussed below). In addition, the disabled person’s impairment must have prevented the individual from doing SGA for at least 12 months, or be expected to prevent the individual from doing SGA for at least 12 months

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