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The NuWave oven DOES NOT cook food evenly nor can you cook different foods together all at once. You cannot cook a chicken, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, garlic all together as in a conventional oven. Each item has a different level of heat needed and things have to be put in a different levels, either in a pan or on a rack at a different level of heat for different lengths of time. You have to keep taking the heavy top dome off and moving things around to get them done evenly and the steam goes up in your face. The dome has a little stand that is WAY TOO SMALL to really hold it well. Our dome almost rolled off the counter and fell on the floor.

ALSO NUWAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!!!!!!!! My husband wanted to order a chopper but instead we received a mini oven, so we called, we could not get through on the telephone line and the recording told us to email them. The answer in the email was that we would have to pay $30 shipping to get the chopper. When we asked to speak with a supervisor, the emailer told us that she was the only one answering and our email conversation went on for days with no avail. Later we called and finally got a human on the phone, but this customer service rep was not equipped with any type of customer service appease that other companies provide to make a customer happy so we decided to send back our Nuwave oven.

Additionally, the infomercial made us believe we were paying 3 payments of $33 a month – BEWARE – my husband was charged $128 and then $33 payments! Then we paid $35 to send back the oven. We never got the chopper we wanted. We tried cooking chicken wings on the 4 inch rack at the level and time in the cookbook and they came out dry and tough. We tried a cornish hen which also came out very, very tough. Our potatoes cut as instructed never got done at the time on the chart or in the book and never come out crisp or soft. We watched the DVD and this product is a great disappointment. Also, if you make pizza, you have to buy a pizza liner and turn the pizza dough over half way through while you’re cooking it. I’d rather have a convection oven with a door like a microwave. Very disappointed.

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Mario & Peggie, thank you for taking the time to write specific, clear problems you had! I am sooooo glad you and others did…almost got sucked into purchasing this, but not now that I’ve read of so many problems.

Grateful I looked for reviews first; grateful so many took the time to share their experience. Horrified that the situation is so often what it has reportedly been…yikes. Disappointed, but at least I’m disappointed without being out $$$. Thanks for having reviewed!

Thank you for the very important insight about the product! While other complaints about transaction/shipping problems are bad enough, your description truly made a difference in my decision. See, I am not your typical informercial purchaser. In fact, I can’t remember when was my last purchase – probably never. But I do have this dissatisfaction with my stove, and became very intrigued when seeing (believing) that I could buy a very versatile induction stove plus all the "bonuses" for $100. While my tour to their Web site reminded me of all the informercial tricks in the books (such as charging… Read more »

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