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We contacted C Spire several times before we moved out of state to see if we moved out of the service area would we be able to terminate our phone service without paying early termination fees, we were insured we were covered because we had unlimited everything.

About a month after moving Cspire Wireless contacted us saying we were using to many out of network minutes and they were reducing our contracts to 750 minutes and our phones would be deactivated if we went over those minutes!

They agreed to let us out if we sent them our devices. My jobs requires me to have a phone, and requires constant use. We had no choice but to go to another company! Once we ported our numbers C Spire Wireless disconnected our lines, and is demanding we pay for the full billing cycle.

We asked for a prorated amount or for the to reactivate our numbers so we could use the phones and they lied like they would prorate the bill!

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