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I too have had nothing but problems with C-Spire Wireless, since I signed up with them 1 year ago. First they said leave your old company and we’ll pay the cancellation fee. But when I presented them with the final bill 2 months later. They said “it wasn’t itemized enough”. But that’s the way Verizon statement was being billed. Next, I didn’t receive the rebate form, for the 2 phones I bought. So I went back into the store and waited another hour and a half for the form, but they printed out the wrong program, so when I filled out the form it was for the wrong session. When I got notified that I didn’t qualify for the 2 $50. Visa cards, because the they (gave me the form for the wrong dates.

But now it’s early December and I finally get the right paperwork, and submit again and wait another 8 weeks. They send me 2 $50. Visa cards that are expired. When I take them in to the office and wait another hour and a half to show them what I got, they said I had to take it up with visa. I contacted visa and they said that the promo was only for a certain time and that they cannot be held for expiration dates. When I asked where it says that, that said it was printed on the back of the expired visa cards. I’ve replace my Samsung milestone 4 times, then I was allowed to purchase a galaxy without a fee, because they were going to replace the milestone for a 5th time and then they signed to up for a new 2 year agreement. Every time I go to the Gulfport office, you’re looking at 1 – 2 hours of wait time. So I started calling 611 and complaining and they say they’ll have a supervisor call me back, but they never do. “Liars” Yesterday it was my “MIFI” that went crazy. First problem it heated up, they replaced they battery with a refurnished one. Then it was on when I thought it was off.

Now you can’t get on, because the unit has shut down. And if you want it fixed that day, by going into the store they charge you $15, 00 fee for replacing “mifi” that they sold you that was suppose to last 2 years (contract). And they said you cannot hold them responsible for their equipment, because it’s all been refurbished. And now they are going to send me a third refurbished “mifi”. But I still have to pay an added $80. On top of the $30. (monthly data fee). Because the store clerk put me in for the lowest data plan, because I was not a “Gamer” or that I download Video’s, so they can charge me added over data fees. And now they said that if it changes it would start a new “2 years” contract with them. Because the “mifi”, didn’t stop the connection, finally, to add insult to my problems, the c-spire operator said all I had to do was take the battery out of the back of the unit to “shut it off”. And if that wasn’t enough, she said her “Supervisor “would call me back, today before they left their shift.

Aug, 11th, 2012 “Liar’s” NO CALL BACK! Let’s hear some more about “C-Spire” complaints. There’s more, but I’m too exhausted with frustration, I will finish up tomorrow about how I couldn’t receive phone calls in Reno, NV, C-Spire is not across the United States. “C-SPIRE” WANTED ME TO FLY BACK TO MISSISSIPP AND DO A *82 ON MY PHONE TO “RESET” IT AND THEN FLY BACK TO RENO, NV TO BE WITH MY DYING DAD.

Yours truly,
1 ****-off customer,
Dana Lee

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