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I have been with them for at least 6years now. When I got a phone that did not work they wanted me to go to the store and let their rude and incompetent sales reps take a look at it for a warranty claim. I would also be charged $15 for the privilege. When I read the fine print on the warranty, it said that if they determined that the phone was dropped, it would be my full financial responsibility and I would have no recourse for rebuttal. Have you ever seen a mail truck loaded for delivery? There are hundreds of chances for the phone to be dropped after it left my hands. After pointing out this ruse to numerous representatives, I finally got a call from someone in the customer service department. She confirmed that my understanding of the warranty was correct. They didn’t even try to deny the obvious loophole but assured me that she would cancel the charges if I got any. After getting another phone in the mail, it had the same problems so once again I was asked to go to the store and let a sales rep look at it. If you have ever been to a store then you understand why I refuse to go. The sales reps are rarely helpful and it’s not hard to catch them making fun of other customers. I wrote a poor review of the phone and they would not post it. I went to their forum to let the customers know what kind of rip off the warranty was and got banned from the cspire forum. They provide horrible customer service and lie about it when they are called on the carpet. Do yourself a favor and stay away from C_Spire!

4507 Denny ave
pascagoula, ms 39581
855-277-4735 cspire.com

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