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I went to Oriellys auto parts store on sunday 07/21/12 to pick up a part that had been ordered for me a week prior. I received a telephone call on that previous wed that the part was in, I explained I would be in on the weekend to pick up the part. I was greeted by the asst. Manager Yurami, she asked for my name and she entered info onto the computer. She sat and kept looking at the computer without saying anything then after about 10 min. I asked do you find it there, she answered she was still looking as she has many many orders to lookup. I waited another 10 min then asked again do you find the part in your computer? Without answering shook her head no. I then said you called on wed to say the part was there. She said in angry tone, We only keep them for two days. I then answered I told you guys I would be in on the weekend, and was told that was fine. She then ignored me, I went to walk out and the Asst Manager Yurami said in sarcastic tone, “have a good day”! this poor excuse for a customer service person then smiled. I went back over to the counter and called her on her insensitive, sarcastic, unnecessary comment.

Then the worker named Marie said in a loud tone”GOD BLESS YOU” WHICH ONLY ADDED INSULT TO INJURY. I then went back over to the counter and told Marie that her comment was unnecessary and offensive, and out of place. She then repeated herself “GOD BLESS YOU” iTHEN GOT IN HER FACE AND ASKED WHAT HAS GOD HAVE TO DO WITH THIS. KEEP YOUR RELIGION OUT OF THIS. THEN TELLING HER AGAIN THAT i HAVE BEEN OFFENDED. i TURNED AND AND WALKED TO THE DOOR ONLY FOR MARIE TO REPEAT AGAIN “GOD BLESS YOU ” I have called the corporate office, and the district manager (Mr. Diaz) only to be treated as if I have done something wrong to them. I asked if it is the policy of the store to preach to its customers? I was told no, but no whre in any of this Have I heard the words, It was unacceptable for any employee to bring their religion to work and then push it on to a customer then use to to insult them.

I have now contacted the ACLU. And now I will expect monetary compensation, as I would take all of this as discrimination based upon religion or the lack thereof.

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