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I used Billfloat back in August 27th. 2012 to pay my cable bill. they said it will be paid in 3 days, i waited 3 days nothing has been paid. I called back and they stated that it was paid already, so i called my service provider and they claim no record has been found and my bill is still do.

I called bill float back and they put in a “Lost payment” form in and here i am now October 16, 2012 and no refund back to me, i contacted bill float every week for since Aug, for my refund and they keep saying sorry and not doing anything about it.

Also they took “MY” money out of my bank account so not only they took my $60.00 they took even more out of my bank account without paying my bill. so now they stole money from my account because i have no got what i paid for, and all they say is “Sorry” I’m tired of this place and it has drained me and my time. Now I’m negative on my bank account and the bill hasn’t been paid..


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Nope don’t use them they took my money and now my bank is going after them I knew is was to good to be true theyre like the devil I know that sounds harsh but theyre there when you are despret and need them, they pay your bill and boom they start double taking your repayment all of a sudden they are not taking anymore phone calls they are a scam don’t do it please in Jesus Name be careful and if you do it then you deserve it like I did cause I did it and didn’t listen God… Read more »

I had the same issue with these people!! Countless emails…phone calls….and all I kept getting was "I’m sorry". I finally just got an email back saying they magically "resolved my issue" after I sent them a 26 pg email about how incompetent their company was. The only thing is that they didn’t actually fix the issue but the resolution they came up with, applying it to another one of my accts with the same company was better than nothing at all I suppose. Definitely done with these people.

Scam!! And this lisa is too is a scam!!!!

Hi ShepTurk,
I am Lisa R., a customer support representative from BillFloat. I apologize for the issue that you had using BillFloat’s service to float a bill. While we are unable to research this particular account with the information provided, we will be happy to work with you directly to resolve any outstanding questions you may have. Please send an e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” and I will get back with you as soon as possible.
Lisa R.
BillFloat Customer Support

Hi Lisa,

I’m having a similiar problem that my Directv payment has not been paid yet but it shows the funds has sent. I will email support with your name in the subject line. I hope you can assist me.


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