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I left my vehicle with this company because i heard a clicking noise and felt grinding when i applied brakes so i thought i needed replacement. They called me back in 20 minutes and told me my brake shoes were fine and nothing wrong with them.

Two weeks later i get new tires and they tell me not to drive it any further because my passenger front tire was about to fall off, my wheel barons were completely shot. The mechanic who fixed this said if they looked at my brakes they should have been able to tell my wheel barons were bad by how the tire moved.

I take my grand daughter to the baby sitters almost every day. She is 2 years old. I was told i would surely have wrecked and probably rolled my vehicle but that is speculation but enough to scare me a great deal.

I do not usually complain, in fact this is the first time I have done so for any business but I went to inform the manager about my problem and he said “I get 20 to 30 cars a day, I don’t remember you” I only wanted him to know that someone there did not do a good job of trying to find a problem that could be portentously life threatening. I am not a mechanic, i don’t know brakes from wheel barons but I expect them to.

They did not charge me for this privilege. They just let me drive away.

Big Als Muffler and Brakes
4865 Bridge Road
Suffolk, Virginia 23435


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