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What a nightmare! Oh My Crafts will have huge, what seems to be great sales yet they don’t even have the merchandise in stock to sell. They charge you the second you click the button and then the waiting game starts. I ordered $118.00 work of Sizzix dies. When I emailed asking when they would be shipped they said that Sizzix hadn’t shipped them the order yet but they should have it in a week. So they were blaming Sizzix for the delay. The next week I emailed again and got the same response. In the mean time they still have the same items on their site for sell when they don’t even know when or if they will get them.

I finally requested a full refund. I received an email from Heather and Kevin telling me the refund had been made. I called my Credit Card company this morning and it still isn’t back into my account. If they can take the money so fast why can’t they refund it that fast??

I also suspect all the high ratings are coming from within the company! After posting my problem to my VERY LARGE Yahoo group I’ve received dozens and dozens of emails from people that have had the same problem. NOT ONE told me they received their order without problems and delays.

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I hope everyone contacts the investigator on this case. I got a refund because of this investigator. They are doing a great job but need to hear from everyone affected. Emailing him is probably the best way as I am sure he is very busy with this case.
Holt Terburg, Investigator

801-530-6001 (fax)

Utah Division of Consumer Protection
160 East 300 South, Second Floor
P.O. Box 146704
Salt Lake City UT 84114-6704

Wow! I thought I was the only one!!! My story is the same as everyone elses. I’m out $67.00 after waiting from October till December to try and get my money back. Of course then it was too late to try and get the bank to do something about it. Hoping someone will try and put together a class action against them. Probably wouldn’t do any good but it sure would make me feel better!! I think there is a name for this kind if business practice….FRAUD!!!

Just lost money to OMC. I just tried to send a message to the company to see why the rest of my order hadn’t shipped, that was placed 11/28/2013. Well the web site has closed down. So how do we get the rest of our orders or a refund? Anyone having the same problem?

YES! I ordered a Cutterpillar Pro v3 in April 2013. After waiting six months, during which OMC blamed the manufacturer for the delays and continued to advertise and take ordered for the item, I finally cancelled it in October for a refund. The refund still has not arrived, and the company did not respond to the complain I filed with the BBB. My amount of my claim does not warrant a trip to Utah for small claims court, but I am wondering if a class action lawsuit is possible?

This is my story as well only I ordered the CutterPillar Pro Version 3 on June 16, 2013. The site indicates the online store is closed. I would like my $100 back. Cathy

Horrible experience! Same issues as everyone else. The thing that is the most frustrating is that they place the blame on their suppliers. They have not once accepted responsibility or accountability for the issues that we are all having. And who gives you an option of canceling your order due to the inconvenience? Correct the problem OMC! Oh, and they told me that the only check signer was in Germany and that they did not know refunds were delayed. Really? What company only has one check signer? How is payroll being paid? How are the bills being paid? Never again… Read more »
They continued to give me the run around about the package claim and the refund. I got so frustrated that I told them to forget it and keep my money and I did not follow up with the claim as I knew it would do me no good in the long run. It was an expensive lesson for me, but I will not be shopping there again and I will be telling anyone and everyone I know to BE AWARE of these crooks! They are liars and thieves and will tell you anything to get you off of their back.… Read more »

They gave me the "correct" info. this time and when I checked it, it had supposedly already been delivered to my home. It did not arrive, OMC said they would file a claim with USPS on my behalf. After weeks of e-mailing back and forth and checking with USPS I find out that the 30 day time limit is up and that a claim would most likely not be decided in my favor. They issued a $16.93 refund, when it should have been around $35-40. a long shot!

I have placed several orders with OMC and every single one was missing items, that is AFTER the long wait to receive them in the first place! The last order however, really was the straw that broke the camel’s back! I placed an order, it was partially shipped, waited for weeks and weeks and did not hear a word about when the remainder was to be shipped. I e-mailed them inquiring about my order, was told they were very sorry for the delay and only had two of the items in stock at the moment. Jen asked me if I… Read more »

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