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This is what happened : like six months ago direct tv activated service without it letting me know first i have to tell that i had direct tv prior to these incident i called and told the person i spoke to to please turn off the service since i was having a hard time with finances well they talked endlessly so i told them ok since they offered me ” a good deal” any way they started charging more so finally they turned off and yes i honestly said i didn’t pay any attention; I just paid them but i told them i would pay as soon as i could. what was my surprise when i was trying to pay a bill i found out that somebody had got money from my account without me authorizing it. i called the bank and i was told direct tv had made a withdrawal; i called direct tv and the person told me that since they had my card number on file they can do this without prior authorization since i owe them money. i must said i din”t had a contract with them i wanted to let people know about these so please beware i dont know if to do what they did to me is legal .

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