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Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 4:22am I received the following text message: “Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter winning code 5555 to claim your free $1000 Best Buy gift card within 24 hrs.”

DIdn’t do it, but went online and found the same thing happening to many others. Phone calls and texts like these just seem to be getting worse! Wish it was easier to prosecute these scammers.

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I just got the same text but for

I too got this text. Did a Google on the phone number and saw, by the other posts, that it is a scam. How did they get my mobile number?

I got this too this morning, from 714-616-6156. I don’t think I ever had a message like this until August of 2011, that is the first time I remember getting text spam. I think that these are getting worse. Now, I am just old enough to remember my family having a landline, and cell phones were still a bit rare; I was born in ’97, and I don’t think that many born after me have any experience with a home landline telephone. The telemarketer calls, the beeps and buzzes when you get on the line. Having to hang it up… Read more »

I received a text at 1pm today 10-15-12 from telephone number 909-837-7749 stating the same as above.

Just got this on my cell from the 909 area code. I

Just received same text 2 minutes ago from the 714 number…..

Received my text this morning at 7:51 from tele # 909.837.7761. Hopefully all our info will be used to stop this annoyance.

I got one from 909-837-7761 on 10-16-12.

Good someone disabled the website. I also noticed another website: = . . . they need to take that one down too and stop wasting our time. Scammers!

A wonder if this has anything to do with the recent text and or voice message saying something about "You may have a problem with your MasterCard card number being stolen." Best Buy claimed they didn’t send any notices.

I also received this text today (10-14-12) and i dont like getting them

I got this same stupid message on my phone from t/ #714 616-6154 this is a CA area code and I live in AZ! Waste of time! sucks

I received the same text message today (10/14/12) at 2:23 pm. BestBuy needs to step up and do something about this scam!

I just received a text at 2:30 in the morning fron 909 973-6491 saying the exact same thing. Tried to call the number beck… no answer and the mail box has not been set up! I HATE SCAMS

i got that same text @ 1:30 AM saying I won A $1000 Gift Card from Best Buy from 909-837-7687

i got that same text @ 1:30 AM saying that I won a $1000 Gift card from best Buy from 909-837-7687

Seriously – what is the point of this kind of stupidity? What does Best Buy gain from this? Wish it was true, though! I got a test just like everybody else – October 13 at 2:06 am – woke me up, too.


Such a scam! Don’t even waste your time. I can’t believe Best Buy is part of this !

I don’t think Best Buy really does have anything to do with it. The scammers are just using their name. They are shameless in the things they will try. My elderly Mom got herself caught up in the sweepstakes scams and they are calling all the time. She even had one guy claim he was from the Consumer Protection Agency.

Texted me in middle of night SCAM SCAM!!!!

Got my text I’m middle of the night waking me up say I had won to text 5555 to, but u go the and nothing!!!!!! SCAM BEST BUY SHOULD WANT TO PRESERVE THERE REPUTATIONA LITTLE MORE WLDNT U THINK?

I hate these internet scams, Not the first time this has came to my cell phone, Wants you to waste your time on a survey then tells you your cell phone is not a acceptable number. Should be a law against this.


Had same thing happen today. Decided to text them back and let them know who they had sent this too.

Received txt msg today from 909-837-7749…I never entered anything either so how could I win???

Same thing happened to me this AM. Really thought that it being a Best Buy thing that it was legit. No way…..I’m tired of cheaters too!!!!!!

I received the same text and knew it was some kind of scam but who the heck gets a thrill out of doing that to people? Guess they have nothing else to do…if you didn’t enter than you didn’t win!!! Rule to play by!!


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