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Well, I am not going to say a lot about BED DEFENSE company… JUST IT”S A STEALING COMPANY!!!

If you want to buy a product for bug infestation, do not buy BED DEFENSE because you will regret it. I wish I had come to this website earlier… I LEARNED MY LESSON!

They will have your personal information therefore will charge you anytime if you don’t call them for an order cancellation. They charged my BANK ACCOUNT without permission….. BIG SCAM!!!! PLEASE DON”T BE STUBBORN, THAT”S ALL I CAN SAY!!!!

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Big scam!!!!! Wish I knew before trying to get free sample for a sister!!!!! Going to better business burea done!!!! It’s a scam and needs shut down today!!!!! Getting a lawyer and during the s**t out them esp since never got the d**n sample!!!!

I received my "trial" Friday – A charge for almost $59.00 showed up on my bank account Sunday. not happy with customer service who cited stuff by rote. Told there is a $15.00 restocking fee to return the trial! PISSED

maybe if you guys would have read the small print the initial buy (shipping 3.95) is a trial and they will send you more if you don’t cancel… how stupid can you be… read all the info before you run your trap about how bad a company is …

For one thing it was a free trail pay shipping I never got the d**n free s**t I got charged 58.74 both times!!!! Wasn’t for me for a sister so why the fuxk they would send full 30 day supply I backed out the s**t and still got sent it so shut the f**k up if u don’t know what ur talking about it’s a scam and going to better business bureau over it!!!!

Complete fraud scam, I am filing with the BBB, state attorneys general, and the District attorney, These dirt bags are going down!!!!

Same thing as these folks say, about charges, and how try it, and then if u want to order, but did not happen that way….can not get thru on e-mail, or phone!!!! charged without consent,did not order…………..I am furious,, making my calls today…..

well well!! i got screwed too!! got pkg in mail for more bug defense w/o ordering. 2 charges on credit card for 41.87. called co. to take off credit card can get one taken off but not 2. since one was last mo, i’m really ticked off. can’t half understand person on the other end. really stupid to fall for these tatics.virginia in indiana

Mehn.. These guys must think they are clever or something. They are charging me $50 every month. Does anybody have an idea how to get it off. I have been calling them now for months but nobody answers.

call your credit card company they can help

Same thing happend to me. The $3.95 was supposed to be for shipping and the first box for free then if you dont cancel they are to charge you for the NEXT box. They did the exact same thing to me as they did to virginia. Hopefully someone has reported them to the BBB.

YES!!!! THEY RE A SCAM!!! I ordered their product for $3.95 and no where did it say it was a membership or anything of the sort. I received their product, but didn’t even open it! When I called to see why they charged me $43.00 3 months later,they would not work with me at all or accept to receive the unopened product in return!

This is what I get when I try to contact Bed Defense for a refund because I returned their product 3 months ago & they took $44 out of my checking account for it. I called them to cancel but the guy wouldn’t & I had to ask for a supervisor & then the guy (call center in India) immediately cancelled me: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about… Read more »

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