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I made a new account on Vampire freaks, seeing as I couldn’t remember my old password. I realized I could earn points for recruiting people to make an account, and I asked a bunch of friends (who were over at my house) If they could make their own accounts and use me as a referral. They all made accounts (via my ps3) and everything was ok. I tried to log in and was informed my account was banned until the last of this month because I created false accounts to get points! All my friends were actually interested and wanted to keep their accounts, they weren’t going to randomly delete them! have gone too far with this bombing crap! They allow users to bomb others so they can get banned without anyone looking into the situation properly. People are cruel and want to make people miserable, and they do that constantly to keep people with free accounts off because they are apparently so much better because they pay $5.00 a month for their ‘premium’ account.

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