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Call Mr Lid and did a phone order.I guess i said one and that order me to sets of Mr Lids.I keep calling to change the order and could not get any one on the phone. The next day first thing in the morning i got a young lady on the phone and she was mean and did not help me at all. She told me my Mr.Lids were already on the truck and if I did not want them to get them off the truck myself and she would not help me.The Lady hung the phone up on me.

the next day the tracking number called me and no one would say any thing. i have called them back and they tell me to leave my name and number and I did. they called me back and when I picked the phone up they hung up on me. when all said and done i had to pay $73.00 dollars and I only wanted 1 set for $19.99.

I should have went to walmart and got ! set for $14.99. I just thought it would be nice to get the free set. i have no job right now and my husband is very sick and that took money we could have used for food or a bill. if I ever get my Mr.Lids that would be nice. Thank You,

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