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I have a debit card transaction on my bank statement for $8.70 from this website. The telephone # on the transaction is 407-545-7739. I called it to ask what this was for and a foreigner answered the phone.

I asked them what this was for and she said that I had purchased a bicycle glove. I don’t even own a bicycle!!!! And I asked them how they got my debit card # and she said that this was purchased online.

I didn’t order it and I certainly didn’t authorize this transaction!! Can someone check this fraud out!?????????

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Charged 9.80 to my card…Fraudlent. Only option is to cancel the **** card, and I have so many things automatically taken out- WHAT A PAIN!

Nobody answers that stupid fraudlent number….

I finally got through to somebody over in the Eastern-jumumbhafucks of nowhere…She said she will take the charge off my card…..

Sportsglasses? Wtf are those anyway??

Nicole Hahn. Disgruntled citizen.

I too was charged $10.60. I don’t know how they got my bank card #. I called the bank and have to get a new card and file fraud charges….

These people have to be stopped. I called the phone number and got a recording = all busy same as others

I just checked my account and this happened to me as well. I contacted the company and they said they’d give me a refund within 3 business days.I got a confirmation number. I then contacted my bank. I also had to have a new debit card issued. What a pain. What else can someone due to report this type of fraud?

I also had a debit on my bank card for $10.10; had to file a dispute got my money back but had to cancel my card get another one what a pain. I don’t even know what it was I had supposedly bought. There are just too many scams artist out there and no one is safe.

Same as I, it happened june 28th 2012 and I had to cancel my debit card and have it reissued. What a hassle and all the bank can tell me is that this fraud is happening alot and it always is between 8 and 12 dollar transactions. So keep a eye out on your accounts!!!

Same as Ms. Gentry – $8.70 on my debit card. I took a different route – just went to my bank and together we filed a fraud complaint. My bamk isn’t paying them – I caught it immediately and went down there before the day’s transactions were settled.

oopsie – that’s BANK. Just got back from visiting my grandbabies and I think I’m spelling like a 3-year old.

I was charged $8.60 to my checking account and did not authorize or never even heard of this website. I called the phone number on the website 407-545-7739 and I kept getting a recording saying

that no one is available to answer my phone call. Please check out this fraud. I had to shut down my debit card which is a huge



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