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I first received a phone call from someone claiming to be calling from ACS Legal Group. They stated a lawsuit was in the process of being filed against me for a p****y loan from a company called Advanced Cash Experts. The amount demanded was $625.98 within two weeks or they would begin litigation. I told the collector I have never taken out a cash loan of any amount from Advanced Case Experts nor have I ever heard of this company. I then disconnected the call.

On this date, 8/9/2012 I received an email from ACS Legal Group stating that the file had been turned over to them from Advanced Cash Experts because I had missed several payments and they were filing a lawsuit against me for a Judgment. The email stated I had 2-weeks to pay $625.98 or they would begin litigation against me. There was a phone number (404) 382-0054 and was from a Matt Williams, Collections Manager, ACS Legal Group. I responded to the text and demanded they send me a written letter of demand showing the name or parent company the loan was taken out with and the full account number.

I do not appreciate being harassed by phone at work and now by email from some scam company. I spoke with a real collection group who stated these people hack into the mainframe and get account information, phone numbers, addresses and email information. ACS Legal Group then makes contact pretending to be a legal firm about to file a suite unless collectors for unpaid accounts are made immediately. Many people become afraid because they’re threatening to file a lawsuite and pay them these extortion amounts.

Then, the victims are unable to recover the money they were intimidated and scammed out of.

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They are still trying to scam people!! I have received probably 10 emails saying the same thing but with different case numbers !! LOL !!

I have sent numerous letters and have received numeous phone calls from this company telling me I need to pay them $989 that i had taken out as a p****y loan online, I keep telling them that I have never taken out a loan online or any where else for that matter and I have been to my bank to see if any such deposits have been made for that amount or any thing close, And In the past 20yrs that I have banked with the same bank they went back 5yrs, then 10 and still nothing…So Just a word… Read more »

I just received a harrassing email. stating I owe Pay Day America $620.00. For violation of federal bankin regulation,collateral check fraud,theft by deception. What’s even more suspicious is that there is no name on the email as to who they are talking about.

I had to eventually get my phone number changed because they called so often. Thank **** my job was understanding, our IT department set up an extention just for those calls cause they came so frequently. I was so ashamed when I started getting IMs at work about someone calling knowing my first and last name and saying they needed to speak with me about a legal matter. I haven’t gotten a call since my numbers got changed but I received an e-mail today saying pretty much the same thing so I reported everything to the FBI and the BBB… Read more »
I wish I had researched ACS before I fell for their scam and actually gave them my Debit Card #. I received a call last week from a Christopher Bond saying to contact the "Plaintiff’s Office" at 855-374-3983 and that this is my Official notification and that I should have my lawyer contact them since there is a complaint on me and that I should prepare for accelerated action to be taken against me if I do not call them back. I called them and Christopher Bond was not available so I had to speak to "Tonya" she said that… Read more »
I had a guy who could barley speak english stating i owe a p****y loan from cash advanced usa. I never got a loan. He said i had an loan for 948.00 had to be paid by 2:00 on feb 5 2013if not the will be a warrent issure to me by 3:00 an my payment will be 6000dollars. The police will be at my job. He called me at my job that day waiting for a payment. He said that he was a federal attorney James that it all i get is these two number 1-415-484- an 1-310-742-5736 today… Read more »
We have gotten p****y loans and one we are behind on, I was horrified when just a little bit ago my husband got an email from these people claiming that we owe 663 dollars!!! I have NEVER gotten a loan that even amounted to that AFTER the fees, I kept reading and then realized,"Hey, wait, this email is not even ADDRESSED to an in particular name, so they didnt address the email to my husband using his first name, last name..nothing, nor did they use mine!!! They said that we were going to be prosecuted for check fraud and theft… Read more »
BOB I agree these people are bogus! There is no way on gods good earth that they can think people are this irresponsible to know what there name is signed on. They have been Really rude and I have had trouble with them also. I have taken is one step further I have sent a letter to the attorney general. I have also turned all the information over to my states attorney. I hope between this and what everybody else has done we can get rid of these morons for ever. When I called the number they left me it… Read more »

I just checked with , and guess what? They have an F rating! Big surprise! It seems they have lots of unresolved (and often ignored) complaints.

I got the same email and calls from ACS LEGAL GROUP 217-7594300 .
They ask for money or I will go to jail and they will tell the FBI bla bla bla .
I dont dont know how to stop this.

I just receive a call from someone name Linda Taylor 713-2611345 Acs investigate.That I owe for a p****y loan. Yesterday. She could not . give me information on for much I owe or the name of a company. When I infor her that I had document that I paid off this loan. She stated I had two out ther, but yesterday I only had one. When I ask her to send me some information, she got upset with me. I also ask her to sent me something in write. She claim. That she had to leave her office to go… Read more »
I received a e-mail dated November 27, 2012 from this Matt Williams with ACS Legal Group stating I owed Advance Cash America money. I have never received a loan from this company. ASC said that my Social Security Number had been RED FLAG by US GOVERNMENT. ACS said that I have ignored all efforts of contact to resolve this debt. UNITED LEGAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU HAS STATED SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST ME; 1. VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATIION; 2. COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD; 3. THEFT BY DECEPTION. ASC said for me to tell my employer what I have done and inform them what… Read more »

i just got an email from this company today, saying that my SS Number has been put on hold by the US Government. Really come on! The letter is very intimidating and scary. Not only have i gotten emails i have also, received phone call after phone call, now they are sending a recording saying that i have 48 hours to respond or else.


Ok, how does one stop this? I just got that email myself.

Reading this page… It was like all the information I had in my note book of all the time waisted, stressing out about someone knowing all my information, calling my work, harassing and threatening me! F-N-A

I have received emails and phone calls from this Matthew Williams who claime I owe 625.68 to Advance Cash America. I do not owe them this amount or any amount and have never had a loan with them..I think it is odd that this amount is very similar to one of the other posts on here. I will be reporting this email as a scam.

I also am receiving phone calls and emails claiming to garnish my check and put me in jail, they wouldn’t provide any documentation or evidence of such a loan, and by the way they said it was an old loan, and even had the wrong SSN. Your right something needs to be done about these people.

I rec’d the same email. I too am reprting this as a SCAM. I find it in extrememly poor taste that people are so ruthless and deceitful!! This needs to stop!!!

That company has called me with threatening messages via phone how I needed to pay them and if I didn’t call them back " well good luck to you". That was about 3 months ago and today I received an email that I owes them money but via email they mentioned my bank account and how they were going to call my employer. I asked for all copies stating all this information and they have yet to send them to me I have called and emailed them back!

I just got a scam email from them today. This Matt Williams was threatening me asking for money in 2 buss days. I called the real co. I had a loan with and they said you are fine and are keeping your arrangements. I called this matt williams who asked me my name and I told him. I told him I was going to get an atty. to check him out and he hung up on me. When I called back he refused to answer. I never took out a loan with this cash advance experts. I gave the info.… Read more »

I filed a FTC complaint, we all need to band together to stop them. This is crazy, ACS appears to have been harassing people for years. I found complaints online about them dated from 2009.


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