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I got a text from phone # 951-902-5862 saying that my entry last month WON! Go to TargetContests.com and enter your winning code 53822 to claim your FREE $1000 Target gift card within 24 hours.

I figured it was a scam but decided to check it out anyway & when I logged on to the website and entered my code it booted me off thanks to my spy ware.

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I just got a message from "Amazon.com" saying I had won a random $1,000 coupon. The grammar was not exact. I got a message a week ago form "Amazon" that seemed to have been innocuous but was fictitious. Thanks for making this site available to confirm our suspicions. It started this way. Happy New Year Offer! Ticket Number: 56/100 Dear customer, This is a random selection from Amazon.com on the occasion of this new year 2014, we selected more than one million customers in first step then we choosed just one hundred other customers also randomly to be winner of… Read more »
They will infect you with computer viruses. They will sell your phone number, along with any personal information you naively provide. They pretend to be major companies like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Apple, anything tempting! Carefully search Google and Bing to see who else is complaining about Gift Card Scams. Research any phone numbers, names, addresses you get. Call Customer Service center’s for the actual, real-life big company the criminals are trying to spoof, and tell them that with crooks freely impersonating then, it really damages that company’s trustworthiness — and YOU ARE NOW DISTRUSTFUL OF THAT COMPANY! ALSO: Get… Read more »

SCAM,SCAM DO NOT DO IT¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

I just received a message from 951-902-5827 saying I had won $1000 gift certificate from my entry last month and to go Target contests.com within 24 hrs. and enter code 53822 and claim my gift card. After checking this sight I have decided this is a scam!!


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