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(Disclaimer) I have written this to the best of my ability. All the quotes are written to the best of my knowledge; there may be some paraphrasing which is to be expected when doing things from memory. Everything is from my view only, and is in no way defamation of character as things such as Miss Beard being rude, unprofessional, etc are from my view and opinion, and personal experience only. This is all from my personal experience only.

I am grateful for the food and medical assistance I receive from DHS (Department of Human Services), however they can be a nightmare to work with. I have had problems contacting my case workers (I have one for food and one for medicaid) as the mailboxes are constantly full, or else when they aren’t they take weeks to get back to me. I understand they are busy but the DHS really needs to do something about the workload then for each caseworker. I have had problems with them not calling me for my redetermination phone interviews for my food assistance. They won’t call ,then claim it was my fault by sending me a Notice of Missed Interview form. When the interviews were missed I tried calling my caseworker right away and everyday after, but her mailbox was always full. The first time it happened, I finally faxed her and it was taken care of then. The next year I had to resort to faxing her a letter again and it didn’t go through because I had the wrong fax number, though it was the one on the most recent paperwork she sent me about the phone interview. Luckily, both those times my food assistance was renewed in the end.

This is just to give those who have not dealt with the DHS some background on the problems that arise when trying to deal with them and get or keep assistance. This claim in particular is dealing with the caseworker E. Beard, who is my medicaid caseworker. I have only had her for a few months, which is why I don’t have a previous example of her behavior, but I can tell from only talking to her once today that she has no business being a caseworker. The story is as follows:

Back in September I had to do my redetermination paperwork and interviews for both my food assistance and medicaid. As I said, there were problems with the food assistance at first, but in the end both were renewed until next September. I have the paperwork proving so. It is important to note at this time I had a different medicaid case worker. When I received the medicaid approval form saying I was renewed, that is when I saw they changed my worker to E. Beard, as well as the specific type of medicaid I was getting (from AMP to AD Medicaid) Both of these btw are considered “straight medicaid”. I didn’t know why they had changed it. They had changed it a few times without asking me any question or anything. I would just receive paperwork in the mail saying they took me off one and put me on a different one. I figured they knew what they were doing , and I was getting my straight medicaid so all was well.

In November, shortly before Thanksgiving I received a notice saying my medicaid was going to be canceled by the end of December due to me not sending in all the proper paperwork to re-approve it. “Huh? This doesn’t make sense, I was already re approved,” I said to myself and my family. After leaving a few calls and filing a hearing request with the DHS, I finally received a call from Miss. E. Beard today.

She asked me why I was filing a hearing request. I explained to her it was because the DHS was cutting off my Medicaid, even though it had all ready been renewed. It sounded like she was searching through paperwork, then she responded- “It says here you failed to return paperwork needed for eligibility.” (I am slightly paraphrasing of course as I have a normal non photographic “or whatever it would be” memory. I explained to her I did file my paperwork and already received my renewal, but I received a letter saying it was going to be canceled. She responded with “Well, that was not my fault.” (again, I am trying to explain what happened word from word to the best of my ability.) I calmly told her I never said it was, that I simply filed my hearing to the DHS office as it instructed on the instructions for filing. I do not know what they did with it.

Honestly, it gets hard to explain word from word what happened after that. There was some calm discussion where she was telling me she never received my paper work. At first I said I filed it, then realized I was confusing the medicaid with the food assistance paperwork. When I said I had faxed it she said “Well you needed to call then to make sure we got it.” I started to explain that even if I had faxed it, my Library where I fax things would have told me if it had NOT gone through , because I have had that problem before. Also, when you fax something they give you a receipt cover page thing that shows you it went through. But I could not tell Miss. Beard any of this as she quickly cut me off the moment I started speaking. That is when I remembered and interjected that I had NOT faxed it but mailed it.

Then she asked me for the paper showing the date and time of the phone redetermination interview. I didn’t think I had it anymore, as I already WAS renewed for the medicaid. But I checked to me sure. When I couldn’t find it I told her so and again stated I DID have the letter (showing her as my caseworker) saying I was re approved until next September 2012.

She said she never got any of my paperwork, and I said “Well I did have another case worker.” I tried to recall her name, while Miss Beared stated she was my caseworker at that time. Maybe I am mixing up the exact order of sentences, but at some point she stated “Well if your old caseworker didn’t file in the computer saying you turned everything in, then we cut you off.” (again, paraphrasing, but very close to the exact wording.)

Now it gets messy and hard to recall. It just happened a few hours ago , but it was a very frustrating emotional experience which is why I am having difficulty remembering everything exactly. But I am trying my best.

I believe I told her such an error would not be on my end, and all I knew was that I had properly sent my paperwork in and had been approved for medicaid again, and now the DHS was suddenly saying I wasn’t. I believe she again said I didn’t turn all my paperwork in, and then started to interruptme whenever I tried to add to the discussion., I was starting to lost my patience and told her calmly “This is getting frustrating now,” all the while she continuing to talk over me and interrupt me. I finally did have to raise my voice to be heard over her, and she got an attitude with me saying “I will not be shouted at.”

Honestly, I wanted to smack her. She was the one constantly interrupting when I was trying to give her information to solve this problem, and she gives ME attitude?. I responded with “I’m sorry, but you are really starting to frustrate me. I just want to get this thing settled.” We discussed it some more, but she continued to interrupt and be snippy, not to mention saw some more times it was not her fault. I admit my voice was edgy now too, but I was not doing the interrupting, and kept telling her I never said it was her fault, I just wanted to get this taken care of.

At some point she said “You have to reapply.”

“Why?” I asked astonished. “I already did my redermination paperwork and was approved.” Really, it felt like I was going in circles with this woman. She got snappy again and pretty much said that was the way it was. “Well, someone is going to have to send me the book then” I stated, simply not yelling. Honestly I admit my patience was gone at this point. But can you blame me? She said I had to come to the office and get it. Well I live in Livonia and transportation is difficult for me to get to Detroit so I wasn’t happy with this. I told her “I don’t see why I have to reapply again when I was approved and there is an error on the DHS’s end.”

All I remember at this point was her getting very rude with me again. Whenever there was a moment for me to try and give her additional information (Like my old worker’s name), she kept interrupting me with an attitude. I couldn’t even think straight. She kept rambling in my ear just so rudely! Finally-and I am not proud of this- I couldn’t take her dissrespect any longer and hung up on her, intending to call the main Department of Human Services and complain to a supervisor and hopefully get real help to my problem.

I understand DHS workers are very busy. I admire the work they do. But I will NOT admire the ones who clearly do not want to be there or work with people. I will NOT tolerate disrespect unearned and will not give respect to those who do not deserve it. And that woman did not. She sounded extremely rude, inexperienced, unwilling to do her job or work with people-I wonder why she is even a DHS worker in the first place. I kept my patience for as long as I could, tried to provide her with information needed to handle my case, and all she did was claim it wasn’t her fault (never said it was), accuse me several times of not sending my paperwork in (I did and have the paper saying I was approved), constantly interrupt me, and get an attitude with me after I raised my voice to be heard. I tried to talk to her like 2 adults should-when she was starting to upset me I calmly told her so so we could NOT get to a negative place where nothing would be resolved. I am no saint, I do not claim to be. But I was getting nowhere with her and she kept interrupting me, I doubt I could have even told her I was hanging up anyway. And I did call the main DHS then, but unfortunately it was closed. I plan on calling tomorrow.

If you must do business with the DHS, please ask NOT to get Miss. E. Beard! While I have had problems with other workers, my food assistance worker is hard to get a hold of but she was never rude to me or juvenile. Miss Beard does NOT care about her cases, she only cares about covering her own **** and not taking blame (even though again I never blamed her , I just wanted to get the Department of Human Services errors straightened out.

There is some serious miscommunication going on at the Greydale District DHS. I believe my old worker indeed did not properly file my papers, even though I was approved. Someone did not get the memo and because of the DHS’s mistakes, I am being blamed for the problem. This has happened to others I know as well. When the DHS screwed up the people on assistance take the fall! I have learned now to SAVE EVERYTHING – even if you think something is settled like a redermination interview-save the paper telling you when the interview is and save copies of EVERYTHING you send to the DHS. I didn’t think I had to since they said I got the medicaid again but they will try and screw you over if you don’t! I really hope this is not the DHS’s policy, and that is is just a handful of bad workers. I know someone who used to work for the DHS and she is a good person and wouldn’t do such things. She told me it’s a mess over there. I am sorry if it is a mess but the caseworkers still need to treat people who are respecting them with respect as well, and should NOT be doing that job if they cannot work with people in a professional manner.

Miss. E. Beard should NOT be working there. Stay away from her if possible!

Her Business Number- (313)387-7156 I do not encourage any threats or harassment towards her. But if you have her, contact her and let her know you want to switch workers! If you haven’t had to deal with her yet, count yourself lucky and try and get someone else if possible! She seems very inexperienced with the whole job and dealing with people. Not a good fit as a Department of Human Services worker!

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I am having problems with my worker ms. lejune It seems as if she never wants to do her job I have been assigned to her for well over 3 three years and every time I have to involve her supervisor because she fails to do her job. Recently I completed an ser and assistance for my children as far as health and food. She has denied my case within a day without me even being able to provide the documents. Its like she does this in order to avoid the work. Mean while my kids has no insurance. This… Read more »

I have been having the same exact problem except it was with Mr Finton I have kept everything in order and turned in but somehow everytime I turn something in it gets lost or it is never received I have been getting so frustrated with this that I can’t even think straight so some how or another DHS needs to get someone in their office that can keep their S**T straight


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