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Total Losses Reported By Customers

Total Reported Consumer Losses: $839,734,318.93
2017 Reported Consumer Losses: $4,286,021.72
Previous Years Reported Consumer Losses: $835,448,297.21

Complaints List is an online consumer advocacy and reporting service providing individuals a cost-free and effective platform for voicing complaints, reviews, or reports about a company, business, telephone number, email, person, etc.

By filing a consumer complaint or report on, users can obtain some level of justice by helping to expose scams, fraudulent activity, and/or communicate general mistreatment, without the expensive costs and time of a lawsuit.

These complaints help in warning others about companies or people that should be avoided or approached with caution, so they can save themselves similar damages and/or negative experiences. You may help save others the cost or hardships you’ve experienced, by submitting a complaint.

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The risk we run of course is that false complaints are posted on our site, and honest individuals or companies are wrongly accused. This is not our intention in any way, although we simply do not have the resources to verify the accuracy of every complaint. But we continually strive for truth and accuracy, and ask as much from our users.

We also encourage dialogue between the companies or individuals and users who have complaints or reviews about them. We allow company responses and comments, which can create helpful discussion and provide important information or context. There’s always two sides of a story, so facilitating these types of discussions leads to a better consumer experience. That is our goal.


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