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Business Name: Maxwell Gates Enterprises
Category: Work From Home
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Corporate Address: 5 Lyons Mall #777
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA

Company Contact: David Gates - President
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Just Want Preston Lord Enterprises To Return my money

I got a letter from a company named Preston Lord Enterprises and it say that I could work from home by stuffing envelopes and I would get paid for every letter I stuff and send back to the company preston lord.

It was a one time fee off 99.00 or 139.00 or 199.00 or 299.00 so I send in for the one for 99.00 and that was on 1/17/2014 and I haven’t heard any thing from preston lord an his company and the phone number all you get is a record saying that they have a high volume of calls just send back the form and your group pay that you would like to join I wish I could send you a copy of the letter if I had your fax number.

But any way all I want is for them to send me my 100.00 dollars back and they want here from me again and I will never do that again because any thing that look that easy now i know that it is not real.

Blanch Shepherd
4121 halldale ave apt 209
los angeles ca 90062

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Alternate/Additional Maxwell Gates Enterprises Business Names: Capital Enterprises, Inc. David Gates Inc. Gordon James Enterprises Maxwell Scott Enterprises Preston Lord Enterprises Warner Daniel EnterprisesFrom BBB: "Preston Lord Enterprises is an alternate name registered under Capital Enterprises, Inc. The BBB of New Jersey has received over 7,000 inquiries on Preston Lord Enterprises since October 2012."

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One thought on “Preston Lord Enterprises

  1. dear sir, im claiming a prize about preston lord enterprizes. i would like to say that as long as i have stamped envelopes for prior companies, this company i did not receive the materials as promised. i have ordered the stapled booklet program and have ordered the advance pay and stamps encluded and $5,000 or more weekly also, im still waiting for program approval. i want to start today and please send all materials suggested and advance payof $3,000. also, i work in the library and i spend time there assembling booklets for mail too. please respond soon and i have this paper here promising full package and bennefits program. also, the program suggests eligible for $150 per hour envelope stuffing program too. please hurry and send all supplies now. thankyou, thankyou, iris campbell.