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Last Updated On: August 29, 2015

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Business Name: CotterWeb Enterprises Inc
Corporate Address:
1295 Northland Dr #300
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 651-289-0720
Company Contact: Daren Cotter - CEO
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.73 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $926.02
Average Reported Losses: $71.23

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Not paid money I earned

I signed up for inbox dollars years ago and I got $5 immediately for signing up. After that I spent many years clicking on emails and doing surveys and offers. Sadly my email was hacked so I don’t have all of my emails and because inbox dollars does not keep the records, according to an email they just sent me, I do no know for a fact the exact amount of money that I accumulated but I believe it was $25 or more at least

I had a life change and was not able to log on for a while. When I logged in again to claim my money and continue using the site I saw that my money earned showed zero and all my points were gone. I contacted customer support and they informed me that I had waited too long to claim my accumulated money and they took it away and took away all of my points as well. As per an email I just got I was told that because we’re not employees they are not obliged to pay us. Basically the emails contain alot of excuses and explanations for taking away years of earned money, that make no sense.

Basically they took away money I earned and tried to convince me it was a good thing and they have gone so far as to even ask me to sign up again. That of course will never happen.

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Consumer Comments For Inbox Dollars

  • I’m sorry so many people have had problems with Inbox,but, I have to say I’ve been a member there since 2013 and I cash out $30.(minus the $3 processing fee, which I choose) every 5 weeks without fail and all I do is surveys. Any problem I’ve had such as completing a survey and not getting credit is handled right away when I do an online chat support. I’ve made well over $600. on Inbox and feel bad that others have not had good experiences. Still, I would recommend Inbox Dollars to anyone.

  • Since reaching $29.48 inbox has deactivated my cash searches and my videos say not active in your region This is a big scam, since joining I have all kinds of spam i

  • I used to belong to Inbox Dollars but they terminated my account because they said I had not been active, I read the emails and do the surveys more than once a day. I rejoined recently with a brand new email address and immediately started getting a lot of spam emails that were from similar companies. I asked them why they sold my email address, they claim they didn’t. After these spam continuing, I cancelled my account and accused them of selling my email address again. The next morning, I had 67 spam in the account. I have had email for decades and never had more than 10 or 12 spam in a day. I rest my case, somebody was offended that I was onto them and signed me up for every stupid site possible overnight. This was not a coincidence. I also had the issue of not qualifying for most of the surveys, not worth the time.

  • i have been a member of inbox dollars for 6 years and cashed out twice..They have been good to me..

  • I think that many people do not understand how the site works. It helps a lot if you REALLY read the FAQ pages; they answer all of the complaints/questions that I’ve seen here. For one thing, it is not uncommon to be disqualified from a survey even if you’ve responded to a portion of the questions. If you feel that you’ve actually completed the entire survey and then been disqualified, though, that is something worth bringing to the attention of the support staff. You can do this by opening an online chat with one of the service reps (there are links for this function when you’re reviewing the FAQ); you can also write to them at I have never had any difficulty having any of my complaints or requests answered using these methods, and I’ve been a member for at least three years. As for the comment by one member that he answered five paid emails and then was disqualified, this simply is not possible. Paid emails are simply emails that the member reads by clicking on the link provided in the email — two cents is paid for each email that is opened, and the credit is seen in the member’s account immediately after the email is read. There is no “disqualification” for these emails; only for surveys.

  • most of the time you only do the ‘prequalification’ part of the survey..not the actual survey… far as the guy complaining about the W2..this income must be reported when you do taxes…if you earn over a certain amount…you need to submit your SS number so they can send you a 1099…..W2 has nothing to do with this…and starting a new account to evade taxes is illegal and rightly against the rules…that being said..being a BBB member is a joke…there was an investigation into this…even terrorist organizations get an A rating with BBB…

  • I have been doing the surveys now for a little over week and have yet to qualify for even one survey. They say at the very end of the survey that i didn’t qualify?? so they get the survey taken and do not have to pay..It’s very frustrating. I’ve emailed them, no response. And have checked my spam folder..the Live Chat never loads


    You have to go to a bank to cash/deposit these checks, it’s usually the best place to do it at. Just get a bank account somewhere (usually free) and they can get you your money with no problems. I’ve never had any issues with Inbox Dollars either.

  • i love inbox dollars.they have never done me wrong and ive never had any complaints or issues…..joseph borman

  • Bunch Of Scammers they will start by showing money in account then they will let you take survey to end and tell you you did not qualified for it after you already took it. hence you give them what they need and they do not pay you! wasted hours of my life I will never get back

  • yeah right

  • Meschella Brown i suggest you try out Clixsense
    they have the same surveys that inbox dollars have plus a lot more ways to earn money and you can cash out at min. $8.00 every Monday and Friday via paypal instead of the $30.00 and check method. Yeah that’s right get paid twice a week.

    its free to join sign up using the below link trust me i a have used inbox dollars and only cashed out once but i have made over $80.00 if you have any doubts please check out the forms and you will how awesome clixsense really is.

  • why do I have to go through all those unessesary question just to ask inbox dollars 1 question this is a spam and it is too complicated. I went and did 5paid e-mails and they waited till I got finished and said I did not qualified. I did it and I completed it.

  • InboxDollars® terminates member accounts that are in violation our Terms of Membership. We are a reputable company that has been in business for more than 10 years and have paid members more than $20 million in that time. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an ‘A’ rating. Please check your junk or spam folder if you are not getting our Support Center responses.


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