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Registered with the website, requested payout after reaching the payout level. they never pay, they never reply from any of my attempts to ask questions about why oneone is being paid.

Please check out this web site:

No one is getting their pay. The site continues to offer articles to read and the earnings show up, it builds, but when requested in a payout, it never happens..

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5 thoughts on “CircumNews

  1. I have 2 payouts of $350.00 each that have been showing as (pending) on the Circumnews site for over 2 months and still have not received any money from them. So disappointed !

  2. Total scam, I've been waiting 2 months for my payout of $351 and since it's way past their 14 days I don't believe I'm going to get paid. Soooo be warned…big waste of time people !!!