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Business Name: GfK Custom Research LLC
Category: Work From Home
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Corporate Address: 75 Ninth Ave 5th Fl
New York, New York 10011 USA

Phone Number: 212-240-5300
Company Contact: David Krajicek - CEO
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Problems with ASK GFK redeeming points to

I redeemed 7500 points on 8/28/2013 with ask GFK which goes to a third party to surveyrewardplace.Com and it has been month still haven’t received my points transferred over.

I emailed company twice, said it took two weeks published on website. Then emailed 2nd time, then said it would take a month.

Now a month later and still no points have been transferred. I feel like their running a scam company and not legitimate. If so they would have honored their word.

Additional Information:

Alternate Business Names: GFK Research Group | GfK Custom Research LLC | GfK Strategic Innovation | Globaltivity | GfK Custom Research North America

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