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Ripped off by a Karen Wattson representative of winners international

I got caught up with a Representative of winners international, Karen Wattson called me and said i have won 2.5 million dollars, a truck and $5,000.00 in cash. I have proof she sent me a copy of the check,and a picture of my truck. this all started in 2012, March.

i have been sending her money about every week to Jamaica through western union which charges $11.99 per money sent. the only time i didn’t send any money when she went on vacation, after i made 5 payments it has been i need to pay one more time and i will be on my way with your check this is your last payment. i even payed for 3 years of insurance on the truck, payed for a tow truck driver to bring this truck to me.  i even had to make a payment for my beneficiary in there name.

Now Karen Wattson says that i owe $300.00 more that was last night 8/29/2013. i think i have been scammed. what do you think? leave your comments.

Well on my behalf i really believed her Karen sounds so convincing that i kept paying her, she was going to be there after i made this payment, after this payment, this is your last payment.

any way if you get a call from her she uses a 1-876 number and you send money to jamica under there detectivs name LEROY MULLINGS or MARVIA WATSON, SHARON DOOD. I just don’t want any one getting caught up with some one like this. till this day i still believe her. I mean i have seen the check, and truck, i just wish she would let me see what she is looking at. but enough is enough.

thank you, mosketer.

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User Thoughts About Winners International

2 thoughts on “Winners International

  1. Unbelievable that people fall for this scam and just blindly send money to strangers. If I call you and tell you that you have won a lottery, will you wire me some money too?!

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am informing your kind attention that yesterday I sent a email to you about the authenticity of the raffle draw with emails around the world about one month ago. I am one of the winners. My winning email is "" according to the statement you sent me in my email address. There you mentioned that you will send the Check of the winning prize by Courier Services (DHL, Fedex, Bengal Express and so on). There you requested the charge of sending the Winning Check, that is a big amount of $520. Is it true at all? If you inform me in no time the correct information about whether the above mentioned email won the prize or not I shall be grateful to you.

    Wishing best regards,

    Jowel Miah