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Category: Winnings Prizes
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Corporate Address: 754 Alamba
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Phone Number: 876-561-8816
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Is this for real

I have been contacted by US Megger millions saying that I have been selected as a winner of 2 1/2 million$ the company said that I have to pay 4,500 up front to the government before they can give me the cashiers check. They are located at 754 Alamba Las Vages the phone # is 876-561-8816 the person who contacted me was John Taylor I would like to know if you ever herd of this company.

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3 thoughts on “US Megger Millions

  1. Well, they got a new name, and a "Private" number. Name of the contact is Philip Davis. Wonder if Mr Shaw sold the "Franchise".

  2. John Taylor is still at it: 6/11/13 called from 'Megger Millions' 876-561-8816 about my $250,000 check… Yes, yet another report I'll make to the Florida Attorney General…

  3. Total scam. Called from 876-328-5866. Guy goes by Brandon Shaw and says he has partners at Magger Million International in Las Vegas. Tried to get me to send him a money car and western union money to them. Hes actually in Trelawny Falmouth Jamaica WI.