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Messages just keep coming....

I am getting these text messages with you have won! Well we know its not true, so I delete it.

So it comes in again and again.

I will soon start getting hit with message charges because I don’t use text messages a lot, and bought just a small package for emergencies. These spam/scams have got stop!

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  • D. R. Hicks

    November 17th received text message I had won $1000. Target gift card. Shut them down! Times are hard and a gift card would have been a great blessing at this time of year. To find out it is a fake dashes ones hopes, and gives Target a very bad name. Phone number that contacted me was 612-714-7271


    I too received a text on my cell phone to claim 1000.00 gift card phone #612-750-4220 . I agree SHUT THEM DOWN

  • d j

    I think target should be responsible for this FALSE texting. At least they should be doing the investigating to find out why and do some heavy fining!!!


    i also received a message from verizon about claimin a free $1000 target gift card

  • Kirk Looper

    I also received a message from you to go to and enter code 4787 to claim your free $1000 target gift card within 24 hours. It developed into nothing but disappointment. It appears that the person sending out these announcements major on those who are excited about having a Christmas this year.

  • Julia

    I just recieved the same text as everyone else from 985-259-1078 at 6:09pm. About 2 weeks ago I filled out a servey for them, thinking that by helping them out…I could possibly have a chance to win. I was so excited when I got this text because I was going to us it on getting Christmas gifts for my family, since I’m kind of hurting for money this year with buying a car. Went to the website and it said that there is no such website. So I googled it and came across this site, full of complaints!

    They shouldnt be allowed to do this! Just not right!

  • laurie

    Received same text today – knew it was too good to be true! Thanks for the warnings!

  • Kurt

    I am the only one that got the $1000 gift card? You guys gotta make sure the cap-locks are off when you enter the code… retards…

    • Fysh MacNasty

      Oh, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. You are so STUNNINGLY full of crap. Go outside and play.

  • Tina burton

    Complaint. I received a text on my phone it said. I went to that sight and I find nothin. What is the deal. Hear. The need to get into trouble for false texting.

  • Joy

    Thank you all for posting! It is helpful that with just a little bit of research we can actually catch a scam before being caught by a scam. I got same text today, Looked it up, saw all this info and got the answer I was looking for. Thank you again all for posting.

  • Debbie

    I received the same text November 13th 2012. It is a scam, the website wants you to purchase a bunch of stuff to be eligible to win the gift card.

  • Jaclyn

    I received the identical message tonight around the same time as Christine. The fact that I haven’t entered anything was my first clue that this was a scam. The clincher was the "Time Left" clock, showing I had 5 minutes left to claim my prize– totally impossible if I really had 24 hours to claim my prize from the time my text message arrived.

    If you’re still thinking of trying this "contest" out, take a look at the very fine print Privacy Policy. It looks like the parent company website is and they are an affiliate company. While the middle bit about sharing opt-out information with other companies so they can cease sending offers to uninterested people sounds commendable, I’m a bit put off by this ending blanket-statement:

    "We reserve the right to share with 3rd parties the information we collect on this site for any purpose."

    Yikes! Here’s the whole thing, and hope this helps!:

    "By clicking continue you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy

    Information We Share This Privacy Policy applies to consumers that have signed up on the website. We may sell, brand or share your personal information that you supply to us with other 3rd party businesses so they can bring selected retail opportunities via direct mail, e-mail, SMS text messaging, telemarketing, pre-recorded messages, or automated attendant telemarketing. These businesses may include providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation and email marketing. For example, if you express interest in a particular product or service, you may be contacted by telephone regarding that particular product or service. collects minimal demographic and personally identifiable information from many users. This information is aggregated and analyzed to help us tailor future offers and to help our marketing partners and advertising agencies understand the demographics of our customers in order to evaluate the potential effectiveness and profitability of doing business with us. Part of our business model involves sharing personally identifiable information, such as name and address, with third-party marketing concerns. While cannot control the practices of our advertisers and third-party marketers, we endeavor at all times to do business with reputable partners who also follow a best practices model regarding your privacy.

    All information provided to by the users of this site may be used to support our suppression, validation and enhancement services to other marketing companies, advertising agencies, compilers and data companies.

    As an example, opt-out information may be shared with other marketing partners so that those users opting out of further offers are suppressed from the partner’s mailings or promotions, as well as our own. In addition to complying with our users’ preferences, it simply makes good business sense to mail only to those customers who have indicated a desire to receive such mailings.’s business model includes participating in affiliate network programs and other co-marketing partnerships to promote our site. We reserve the right to share with 3rd parties the information we collect on this site for any purpose."

  • Mary Ann

    I also received the same message on Nov 13th I got on the site, read the scams and didn’t try any further This is too bad as it is giving Target a bad name

  • Abd

    I also received the same message this November 13 and thanks to the previous 2 postings, I knew it was another one of those scams. If it is too good to be true, it is really too good

  • Christine

    Received the EXACT same message at 5:29pm on November 13 but when I entered the email address I saw the scam postings.


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