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Last Updated On: January 31, 2017

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Business Name: Publisher's Clearing House
Corporate Address:
382 Channel Dr
Port Washington, New York 11050 USA

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Publisher’s Clearing House Phone Number: 516-883-5432
Company Contact: Andy Goldberg - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.56 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 101

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Reported Losses: $5,813.95
Average Reported Losses: $447.23

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Winning 2.5 Million and a new CAR

Cell Number has been chosen as a winner of 2.5 million and a new 2016 convertible, from and affiliate of the Publishers Clearing House. I just need to go to Wal-Mart and send them $305.95 to Mr. Kenneth Anderson to cover the taxes on the car. And then they would deliver my new car and the money. If I am not comfortable with Wal-Mart I can go to Wells Fargo and put the money in account # 3318525544 routing # 529700399.

And when I get the Receipt call them back and they will tell me what time they will be at the house with my money and car. Yes person has a strong accent and many people in the back ground noise, and coaching on the phone.

This has to be a scam and it sure hurts to know there are so many thieves among us. BEWARE

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Publishers Clearing House was originally known for it's Prize Patrol Sweepstakes. The PCH Online Game Network has millions of users with a prize won around every 10 minutes. PCH offers magazine subscriptions and various merchandise sales in addition to it's prizes. Additional Websites and Companies under Publishers Clearing House Properties:,,,,, pchsave&,,

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  • tony w

    Been playing since I was a kid, over 40 years . I consider it entertainment but I did win a whole dollar 30 years ago. I too got a 10,000 winner announcement followed by a sorry VIP saying a guy in California will never see a forever prize winner since one number out of 100s of millions will be forfeited by someone not sending back the big winner. It’s a great advertising gimmick but if someone does send it in they’ll win.why do you see only one million dollar winners. They get a lot of advertising play for that 1 million investment. Grow up although I don’t understand the fakeaannouncements like I received on the 10,000 prize . That does smell fishy. Someone should get a class action suit going. For entertainment only should follow all pch promotions.

    • Paris JesusisLord Smith

      This happen to me a couple of months ago also another incident I recieved was a pop up saying that I won 50,000 tokens and to expect a check 4-6 weeks I am taking legal action there a class action law suit going.

  • Gene L

    PCH is a remarkable marketing SCAM that should be banned from the Internet. Why no sensible legislative/regulatory body has not sought to rid the Internet of this SCAM is a mystery,. They must pay SOMEONE a lot of money to continue with their lies, deception, and phony claims is beyond belief. The “winners” are fake! The awards to 99% of the alleged winners are FAKE and totally BS! I’m a marketing EXPERT and can say without a doubt that PCH is BRILLIANT in their marketing! BUT, if you think you are going to win something, anything, think again. It ain’t gonna happen! And if you do “win” something, it will be followed very quickly with a “disclaimer” of “computer error”, or some other such nonsense. PCH is a COMPLETE FRAUD! Don’t waste your time or money with them. Instead, file complaints to have them permanently removed from their FRAUDULENT practices!!

  • gary dixon

    It’s of my belief with trust,faith and hope that yes PCH you should most definitely honor all of us people that were announced as 10000 dollar winners !!! If you can advertise passing out 10000 a week forever ,7000 a week forever, 5000 million dollar superprizes and million dollar prizes ,then most assuredly you should most definitely honor 50000 or 60000 thousand dollars on all of our names being announced as winners !!! It’s just the professional ,honorable thing to do !!! This is my opinion on this and I think a very good one !!!

  • gary dixon

    Yes I’ll join this complaint discussion for sure !!! First of all I’m another victim of having my name announced on site that I was a 10000 dollar instant cash winner !!! I was very happy for about 2 hours until I had my d**n bubble bursted also.Do I think PCH should honor different people including myself for this d**n blunder ??? Hell yes because it is the honorable thing to do especially with a consumer – contest driven Corporation !!! Well I’ve moved past it and my recent complaint is having a 1000 dollar cash prize confirmed within my City State Zip Code over and over and over and over again !!! How many times must you have to chase this !!! I’m still looking for that 10000 dollar lost from being announced and now I’m chasing a 1000 dollar prize that’s supposed to be confirmed a winner but yet it’s posted almost everyday on e-mails to get your d**n gym shoes on and chase this 1000 dollar prize again and ya better be a fast d**n runner too.Really Really Really I spend hours playing on game site ,have over 32000000 million tokens and don’t laugh but I’ve cashed one 5 dollar Amazon gift card since I’ve been playing and can’t even hit a ten dollar cash prize on the spinner wheel !!! My d**n unfortunate luck can’t even be this bad !!! My most recent unfortunate episode has been having d**n technical difficulties with getting searches confirmed and had trouble with this the entire weekend and can’t get future prize numbers confirmed !! Really PCH I’m close to cleaning all your e- mails out of my Android and quit wasting my time and start playing the powerball and save the wasted time !!! It’s pretty d**n aggravating to say the least

  • Oneta Henry

    I am 77 years old and played Tri peaks rush and did over 18000 pointd putting me an all time winner . I recieved email congratulating me stated I would recieve 100 dollars in 3 t0 4 weeks I got another asking me for answers to 4 questions I saved emails and ect a nd suddenly it was removed from my Gmail and even my Tablet including another tablet with 5 emails down gone so I know they hacked me as I kept getting warning I was not alone over -00 dollars so I certainly understand them doing that to big money ! I am sorry for all ! Grand Daughter took pictures for me ! I had shown it to several ! They simply hacked me !

    • Lynn A

      Pch is hacking…happens a lot. People will be playing and poof…they just disappear. Pch knows about this but continues to do over and over.

      • Paris JesusisLord Smith

        yes i cant find my emails either I hope my lawyer can get for my case

  • TDM

    I guess I am the fifth $10,000 pop-up winner that was scammed by PCH in
    September and I also captured a screenshot. I think we need a lawyer.

  • B Jason

    I also got a popup while playing pch saying I had won 10000 dollars and that afternoon got an email saying it was a mistake and IF would be entered into a special drawing with 5 more people to win. I have sent pch emails saying how wrong it is and the last one they said they would wait and see how much the public would say about it. I think putting me off hoping I will go away but I will not.

  • Mike Whiting

    Scam. They tell me and supposedly others that we are offically $10,000 winners and now say sorry that was a mistake, and that 5 of us will be in a random $10,000 drawing. Bullshit, I will sue this POS company, for false awards. You are garbage and suck.

    • Mike H.

      I will also join that “mistake” rank of recipients. I too was notified that I had won the VIP $10,000 on Sept 16th 2016. I quickly took a digital picture and screen snapshot of the winning notification knowing it would go away with a click of the mouse, and then would have no proof. Then on the following day I too received an email letter from PCH where they claim that “The announcement including your name was sent only to you, and not to anyone else.” My question is: If I was the ONLY one according to their letter that this happened to, then why are they going to “enter” my name into a “special contest” in which they plan to draw 5 (FIVE) winners of $10,000. My first thought was…… yea, sure you are, and I’m the only one …. right.
      So I emailed a letter to PCH, explaining to them the embarrassment and humiliation in which their so claimed “mistake” had caused me, after having announced to quite a few people of my “good fortune” of winning, to now having to try and explain to one and all that it was all just a mistake on their behalf. If this was done intentionally to a lot, and I mean a lot of people, not just a hand full, then it was a cruel thing to do. I told them in my email that what they need to do now is to face up to the “error” or what ever they want to call it, buck-up and just pay me the $10,000 they announced I had won, that it would just be another “minor” tax write off for them.

      They replied by email the following day (9-18-16) with this statement:
      “We learned early on 09/17/16 that some erroneous emails were sent out that mistakenly include the recipient’s name
      instead of the actual winner’s name in a winner announcement for a $10,000 prize. We immediately sent correction emails
      to everyone who was effected. Also for people who received the erroneous message we are automatically entering them
      into a special drawing for 5 prizes of $10,000 which would be awarded on 09/19/16. All other users will receive a 50,000
      token bonus.”

      #1; Thought I was the only one? So how many where there, hundreds, thousands ????????

      #2; Letter claims that “SOME” erroneous “EMAILS” were sent out. I didn’t receive an email win-notification. My winning
      notification was flashed onto my screen as soon as I logged into to start my daily entries. And I have proof of it.

      #3; Has anyone heard or seen anywhere on PCH where these hypothetical 5 new prizes of $10,000 to be awarded on 9/19/16
      where actually awarded? I haven’t seen any thing any where.

      #4; And I must admit, I failed to notice if I did in fact receive the 50,000 tokens as promised, because I know for a fact I was not
      further notified of winning one of the 5 new $10,000 awards.

  • Rebecca R.

    I won $ 10,000 last night on PCH games. This morning I got an email from PCH and they said it was a mistake. Has this happened to anyone else? I guess it was a scam after all.

  • Jamie Wilson

    I won $5 on pch games, they had me fill out a form and even put my name at the bottom of the screen where u c so and so won $10 cash or a $5 gift card. I never received my prize and when I called to complain they said that I misunderstood and I was in a contest to win $5.

  • Debbie Harley Jackson

    You can win if you keep at it, the odds are very high against you, but it is possible. Play every day!

  • Kristian Savoy

    Lol alot of yall are idiots. It’s a free lotto,they aren’t just gonna give you the money.

    Also,I’ve lost many games. Big deal,stop whining and either quit or keep trying. My aunt and uncle did win 5k years ago, so it IS real. Just very very hard to win.

  • Robert M Stach Sr


  • Churchmouse11

    Lotto not loading

  • Haley Walker

    PCH IS NOT FAKE….people do wins from them IT’S NOT FAKE!

    • Robert M Stach Sr

      YES IT IS!

  • Diane Denham

    I, too, have been gypped out of a win! I was playing blackjack last week, and gota blackjack on the last $25K hand. I then chose the 2nd, 3rd,and 4th squares for a 3, 8, and 10. i was so excited to finally hit 21 and then the game said “bust”! I have commented on 2 blogs and fb, but no response to cheating me out of $25,000! SHAME on PCH!!!

  • Bette Simpson

    I keep getting emails saying this is absolutely your last chance so if you want to win, you have to send in this or that and shortly after, I get another email telling me you have so much time to enter- you will not get another notice. BUT I STILL DO!

  • Mary Henderson

    Mary Henderson
    I am totally displeased with how they lure you in to order their trial items starting at approximately $4.97 provided you pay by a specific date. I sent my checks for the two trial orders within the time frame’ but they didn’t submit my checks to the banks for 10-12 days later which they said justifies them to debit my account for full prices of approximately $87 and $92 for the trial offers. Before the delivery I called to cancel my orders and was assured it would be canceled because they hadn’t been shipped yet. Weeks later they sent me the two bills for approximately $87 and $92 which is the regular prices of the products. Today, I received the shipment for the Health Fit order of approximately $92 and I took it straight to the postal service and returned it right back to PCH. They lied about the order being shipped on time and charged me full price. This is a ripoff and the rep was rude and unprofessional. I’m still waiting on my refund for my $92 that was debited from my account. Shame on them!

  • Paula Maher

    I have through the mail and more recently on my computer played games and read Frontline[page] since 1987. I keep on playing because someday I just know I WILL win one of their super prizes.
    I am not able to play for long periods at a time as I have a problem with severe swelling in my lower extremities and must get my legs up. I know I will win someday. I know I will.
    I see that PCH/Spectrum does exactly as they say they do. There is NO hokey pokey involved at all.
    Quite frankly in the age of computers there is excellent verification procedures in place. This company is monitored by agencies making sure they do not cheat people. Yes,they encourage people to buy merchandise [how could they give away so many things if they did not sell things]?But you NEVER have to buy a thing at all EVER. I have many things in my home that I’ve bought and they have remained in great condition over the years.
    It pains me to see all of you folks complaining about the things you do. Instead you should be happy that a real person has been awarded a better life from them. Soon I hope to win a BIG prize from them! BUT I am always happy for the winner who won the current prize. I hope to be the next one!

    • michele

      Hopefully YOU become a winner ,like you I’m into playing the games have been trying to win.
      Like you I do enjoy playing the games. So just enjoy the games and one never knows one day
      PCH might be knocking at your door with a BIG CHECK in your name………. LOL enjoy and keep
      playing for your enjoyment….
      PCH does have the numbers of chances to win………… it’s over a BILLION < one
      PCH is everywhere and with the computer it makes it everywhere to MILLIONS of PEOPLE
      there for chances are 0 to 0 to win ……….Again play the and enjoy the info as well
      and if anyone calls and tells you to deposit any monies into an account ,etc FORGET A BOUT IT
      tell them NOT INTERESTED….
      Again enjoy the games …………. Maybe some day it might be the REAL WINNER ,and the PRIZE PATROL aer at your door with that BIG CHECK and your name is on it….all the BEST!! :)

  • Kolodzczjzyk

    I’ve bee playing these PCH contests and I’ve won $10.00. Frankly, I just like to play it. Maybe I’ll win something (over $10.00) but I also like the purchases that I’ve made over the years. I don’t like going to large stores and waiting on lines so PCH is a good source for me. But I guess that’s just me.

  • Trish Smith Trout

    I will enter and have online since 2008. Then they will send me another email saying all of my other entries will not matter if I discard the new one and not do it? So you do it out of fear. All it does is than take you to the site to do your entry again for the hundredth time but before you can even confirm your entry you are forced to look through a long shopping list. Sounds to me like they want to do scare tactics all in hopes you will buy something. I have yet to win. They are misleading even saying the time they will be at your home if you win. They even generate a map to your home with all of the local businesses near by. Misleading Even before I started online entering I did mail in ones. Guess what ! Nothing ! We have a better chance of winning the lotto than with these people.

    • sj

      I agree. I’ve purchased magazines etc from them since the early 80’s. I’ve never one a penny. Now that they’re on the computer, it’s an unending amount of emails expecting you to keep ordering or keep answering their emails or your entry will be null and void. So, they lie when they say all you have to do is enter! Yeah, enter and enter and enter ad nauseam. I’m now wondering if the people who they show on the commericals winning are just actors. How can they give away $5k every week for life to so many winners? It’s just makes no sense. Chrome has decided that they won’t process PCH’s emails anymore due to the amount of cookies that are in them. They cut really close to being a scam imo.

  • Annon Reader

    I always play PCH which I get in the mail, and after playing Bingo (and winning) never get a dime; I play another game on PCH (forgot whether it was scratch off or bingo) and although I always get three in a row PCH has never given me a dime. If they are going to give away prizes, then give away prizes!

    And about that 5000 a week for life: they have several ways of telling you: they say “you are on the super elite list” then two days later they say “immediate action required–if you don’t want your name to be deleted” or “jeopardy clause in effect!” Then again they send you a letter saying “sorry, ___”.

    Then they say you have a chance of winning: you win big by being frustrated, aggravated by them.

    • Trish Smith Trout

      I agree. I get these all of the time. So if they say my entries count than why send future ones saying the past entries do not matter if I discard this email??

  • Annon Reader

    I have played PCH a lot: and one time they said you can win 1 million dollars. Why do they promise things they can’t deliver? Why constantly send me emails saying “Alert1” If you are going to give away prizes then give away prizes, and if you can’t then don’t always say you will. Quit leading people on!

  • Shonda35

    A few things to throw out there..Yesterday I won on the money wheel the instant 1,000.. It stopped on the money I was shocked. I went to show my mom and when we came back in it had changed to tokens. I sat there shocked for a good 30 seconds making sure I was seeing correctly. I emailed them about it and got a response saying they have no record of me winning but to keep playing PCH Games..!! Which brings me to the next subject some of the games they have on there I grew up playing and conquered the whole game many times. Not to brag but you would have to be 1 hell of a superplayer with many years of experience to beat me and if you do I could understand by maybe 500 tokens or so..I have been top 3 several times and for instance me and the other 4 top players are neck to neck for hours at 70,000 and everybody else playing the other 350,000 people are at about 60,000 as their high score and right before midnight when the tournament ends, suddenly, 1 of their common used names that are always listed as the winners of the tournaments comes in and has a high score of 160,000 !! Its impossible!! If 1 scored 80,000 I would shake their hand because its pure genius although I would never understand how they made a score that high but somebody that has doubled my score it can not be done its not humanly possible to score that high. So with that being said I started my own little investigation. They have 2 sets of winners on PCH GAME TOURNAMENT. 1 for the most tokens and depending on the games it could be for the whole day added up or just the highest possible score in a single game and the 1 I just told you about was for the highest score in a single game. Anyhow they do the same with the most TOKENS for that particular game.I see people neck to neck at about 40,000 tokens going into the last 30 mins of the game then suddenly here comes another commonly used names at 174,000 tokens ! Bull@@t (At abt 300 tokens every 8 mins that’s like 2,250 in an hour times 24 hrs is 54,000 !!! ) That’s if your going the full 24 hours !! I knew it wasn’t possible being you cant score more then 300 tokens in that specific game..that is the highest you can score in the game I am referring to. So I have 3 sons that love playing video games..I figured between the 4 of us we can play for 24 hours straight to see what the max tokens could be.I played the 12 hours straight then split the other 12 between the 3. So nonstop 24 hours straight maxing out at 300 tokens per game ..The game last 8 minutes and the advertising add which I forgot to account for in the numbers in parenthesis about another minute. By the time midnight came and the 24 hours were up the very highest amount we could get together was 53,000 and that’s with a constant high score of 300 tokens per round !!! So at that point I knew(well I already really knew) that they are some serious a@@ slick con artist ..There is no mistake on what I am saying I took it VERY serious that somebody doubled my score and that’s why I did my own little investigation..I also took a picture of that persons top score and the other persons top amount of tokens because I know I have a solid case against them with it. They have some explaining to do once it is investigated. Im sure they will quickly invent something to cover themselves but it will be impossible for them to prove it because the math does not add up no matter what they try and pull. So for everybody that does have the real hope of winning like I have for 16 years and have never even won a 5 dollar amazon card I hate to burst your bubble of hope but they are scamming us all and they are the masters at it.. Proceed with caution..I am just only trying to keep your dreams from being crushed repeatedly ;) It is time to take a stand !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wade

      So, you came up out of your mom’s basement, and instead of looking for a job at 28, you play PCH games instead, right?

  • Car 54

    I had been playing BINGO Party for 6 years on PCH, even longer if you consider timne spent on the candystand game site. Yes there were some glitches and at times it would go down completely. That was just the way it worked. I was continuously bombarded with pch emails and always participated. I didn’t mind because the people I played BINGO with was like a friendly community. It gave everyone a chance to chat with folks we might have the chance to. Most of us were older folks that didn’t go to the bar or go out very often at all. I could put up with PCH relentless push for me to enter the sweepstakes (or rather watch their ads) as long as I could chat with long time dear friends. Many of us devolped relationships that extended beyond the game. But as in their usual vast wisdom, PCH dropped BINGO party and tried to refocus the past players to the bingo game they now support which is very boring. I have stopped participating in any PCH activity now and encourage others to boycot all of their products, I would be happy to add my name to a class action suit!!

  • Albina Davidson

    I am tired of entering pch sweepstakes knowing that i am not going to win! i get emails saying if i confirm i am on my way to winning moment if i get chosen. i am hoping to win this December 30th. I enter everyday and i know some pch winners dont enter everyday i bet. i need to win this time i have been entering like crazy and i bet someone else is going to win. yOU SHOULD CHOSE PEOPLE WHO ENTER EVERY SINGLE DAY NOT ONE TIME

  • Della Herring

    i don’t think anybody wins anything

    • Kristine

      I agree.

  • Kimberly Smith

    I have been with PCH since 2003 and have been told I was going to win 10 million one time another 5,000.00 a week for life then things just kept coming to my e -mail box telling me enter and win this and every time it’s some one in another state I have like over 6 hundred thousand tokens and still nothing I have cashed my tokens in for prize’s still nothing I’m seeing what a liar PCH really is I think personally after 12 years PCH needs to pay up and stop awarding prize’s to people only enter once when are people like myself who have entered for years and haven’t won a D**N thing it s starting p**s me off

    • Kristine

      I agree. I have over 800,000 tokens and still nothing. The games are rigged too.

  • Ginger Celeste

    i am close to 16 million tokens i am done there was a problem with the site most of the time not healthy for me or my computer of 6 months, i called p c h and was told hey were fixing it,,,,,its an all day problem i asked questions about tokens and was told i used over 5 milloon. i asked how i never did i was told to call aol to see if someone went into my site pch keeps records they could not tell me when ir was used so i am out of five million tokens,,,, i said to pch if i bet 5 million tokens i should of won something,,,,i was told people bet more then that and get nothing,,,,,i landed on 50 dollars and 1 hundred dollars and got nothing,,,,, most of a ll i became addicted like everyone else doing pch ganes alll my waking hours,,,,not to mention all the advertising all day long,,, thats how pch makes money suckers like me playing for 16 million tokens that r worthless no monetary value. sometimes tokenss dont rejester etc business association they say its fake no one really wins million dollars just 5 10 dollars,,,, if you call a news channel they will tell u no stories r on the news its not true i can go on and on but i think u have the point, be in control of your life i was not dont get addicted, if u dont listen to me and go on pch be smart and strong enough to quit

    thank you,,,ginger celeste

    • Kristine

      I agree. I think PCH is a flat out lie and a huge scam. I am stopping now. My life will be back to normal now and I will do what I need to do and not be addicted anymore. Thank you for the great advice.

  • T W

    Yep.. PCH fake and scammers, HINT : If you watch the Daily and Wkly winners on ALL of their game sites., The same people win all the time(Fake Names)…. Something needs to be done about them Liars and cheats. Them tokens are something to keep you wishing and on a High HOPE. Rigged

    • joey

      Yass the dam same ppl always win on the leader board

    • Kristine

      Sooooooo true….

  • WIfoodman

    I know people who ruined computers playing their games (virus riddled)

    • Kristine

      I agree.

  • Laura S


  • suzy2


    • Linda Luttrell

      That is exactly what I am looking for! Have not found one yet. My post above says I won that 10K…PCH cries foul & claims my win was a mistake! Both documents came from their secure server…

  • suzy2


  • suzy2


    • joey

      They will ban you from there site

  • suzy2

    2015 is there a class action law suit? Please list it! We all want ot be a part of this.

  • suzy2

    When you enter the sweepstakes on the many listed sweepstakes on their website, have any of you noticed they list the same sweeps over and over? When the closing entry date arrives, they just change the entry date each time with No winners from the last entry period. If any of you have a class action law suit going, please list it so we can all join.
    Heck, besides the web entries, I even did the mail in daily where it says enter as often as you like, each entry mailed separately. I did this for a year. I can only imagine it all went in to the trash. Been playing 36 years. Enough is enough.

    • Heather

      Idk but that let me know its wrong

    • WIfoodman

      Yes, PCH is King of scams

  • lee

    I have a LOT of time invested and still nothing where do i sign up in the class action suit?

  • Albina Davidson

    I believe pch is a scam i dont believe they have real winners!!! waist of time

    • lee

      class action against them yet?

  • Albina Davidson

    I think Publisher Clearing House is not Real!!! All you win is d**n tokens i dont want tokens i want win cash ive been entering every single day and have not won how can people play if thier are very extremely low chances of winning such a d**n waist of time

    • lee

      me tooo

    • stillhotatsixty

      i reached the blue level and have won one 10 check and one phantom gift certificate. This is crazy I know but I just want some help

    • Ian Scott

      My step dad passed away a few years back at 93. He did PCH since it started. Only there was no online PCH. He did all of religiously through the mail his whole life and always paid big money for magazine subscriptions……HE WON NOT ONE RED CENT! so yes PCH may be fake…

      • Albina Davidson


  • Jim Ryan

    what I hate are those carefully worded message that are sent every day so you will keep playing knowing very well that you want win because the odds are to great. it always says that if you don’t enter can’t win. it really surprises me that what they say never comes true. this company gives false hope to who ever plays there games. enough is enough stop sending false hope messages. some times I swear it seems almost rigged. this company is a total joke.

    • Emma Kennedy

      I agree with his every word. I do not want to waste my life playing 4-5 hours every day. Idon’t get, how some people can make more than 200,000 token on tokenboard, if my total berely between 65,000-110,000. I play all games. It is not fair give people false hope and October 23 will be my last day with PCH cause I stop believe.

  • fedup in CA

    Not doing this anymore — life is too short to waste it making money for someone else who never pays out for your effort.

  • suzy2

    Ever wonder why You can’t Win Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes (everywhere) ©

    HERE IS WHY IT IS SO HARD TO WIN PCH. They do not pull the winning number from the all the people who entered the sweepstakes. They pull a number from the air and then see if any of the entry numbers match and win. This is why sometimes there is no winner. If they pulled from just those that actually summited an entry, there would always be a winner. So this means the odds of winning decrease even more than they predict. In a way, it is a waste of time to enter. I’ve been entering 34 years. I have won other sweepstakes up to 20K that pick from the persistent people who enter. I too am about to give up now that I have learned their procedure. It’s a pipe dream to think you can win. I say to PCH.COM: PICK YOUR WINNER FROM ALL THE ENTRIES THAT ACTUALLY SUBMIT AND NOT FROM A NUMBER SOMEONE CHOOSES FROM THE AIR. THEN ENTRIES WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN! Normally the more you enter a sweeps, the more you favor your odds. But with PCH, they decrease your odds no matter how many times you enter. I mean, how likely is it they will pick numbers from the air and match those that entered faithfully. If they were JUST, they would simply pull a winner from all those that actually entered the sweepstakes. Then the more you enter the better your odds of winning. They are a scam to this extent. Ever wonder how someone wins that only entered now and then instead of nightly with all the entry possibilities like games and scratch offs etc. like many do and never win. Well this is why. ODDS OF WINNING IS A PIPE DREAM. THEY DO NOT PULL THE WINNERS NUMBER FROM THE ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO PLAY AND ENTER DAILY. SOMEONE JUST GETS A NUMBER AND THEN THEY SEE IF ANYONE HAS THAT NUMBER THAT ACTUALLY PLAYED. IT’S ALL BS..

    • T W

      If you notice the same people win every time on every site…so actually its rigged/scammed

    • Vik

      susy, your opinion of how PCH avoids actually paying out the “mega prize” is interesting and valid, but would you like to here mine? I am sure you have noticed that every entry for the “special early look” must be returned by a certain date. Then all the numbers that are returned they feed into a computer. Then they have that same computer spit out a number that does NOT match any of those that were returned. Then they can “honestly” say that “the winning number was not returned.” This is just a ploy to keep the contest going and have half-wits (if that) buy more and more of their cheap, Chinese-made junk because, despite PCH’s claims that “no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win,” there are always these little hints that you’d better buy something or you have no chance to win! I’ll just bet that the “mega prize” this August will not be awarded, either! I have contacted the FTC about this, and I hope they are keeping an eye on this!

  • Lawrence Carson

    How many of you are very frustrated with the cheap tokens from the games ,instant wins and sratch offs.Today they had a lot of 250 tokens and 100,i used to get a lot of 2,500 and 5,000 ones now nothing.We have to wait for the same advertisements and it gets to boring just for peanut s**t.Customer service and tech wont make it right either.Cheap idiots so fed up with it they are only tokend too!!

  • Carolyn Trundle

    Been with PCH for 30 some yes never got a tote bag, but I’m still trying. Maybe one of these days ….

  • tammy

    I search on search and win every day, and so they say if i do my number will be placed into the winners bracket, so i don’t understand cause the next day after searching they send me an email saying if i don’t search i’m gonna loose my number and will be given to somebody else. Why i waste my time if they send me emails saying that i don’t search when i did. I’ve been playing for 3 years now but going to stop.. It’s all fixed anyway and the people they show that win look like they have alot of money anyway..I’m done with this crap……..

    • suzy2


  • Lisa m

    Count me in on the class action

  • val

    Your search to win web is cluttered with old 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2009 PCH residual expired internet clutter that should be deleted and not be part of this search and win miss representations. This is equivalent to false advertisement. Shame on you

  • joe

    give me the $1,000,000 per yr and ill buy all the mags you want. waiting 4 your ck cash or money order so I can order was holding my breath lol.

  • pamela freeman

    hello, love you, pch, but i’ve been playing all games for a year without a game rating raise, it’s been 72 forever. can you check it out.,
    sincerely, pfflyer43

  • PaulaHoule


  • Lucy M.

    Don’t buy anything. You don’t have to buy anything to win. I got an instant win notification of $50, and will let you know if I get it. According to the pop up and email I got, the check should be arriving within the next 2-5 weeks.

    • Katie

      Don’t hold your breath, Honey!

  • Lara Dorian

    Today I made the mistake of taking advantage of the "free" offers and ordered three "free" products. Then An order with the prices of those "free" items popped up on my screen listing the cost of said items. No where did you state, after I ordered those "free"gifts, did I see any other statement. When I tried to return to your "free" offer, all attempts to clarify the "order" were met with statements that this was not available.
    Unless these three items are really "free", I will not accept them. DO NOT SEND THEM IF YOU EXPECT PAYMENT FOR THEM !

  • harvey

    I think pch is crap they say someone with your initials is going to win but you don’t. I have been doing the sweepstakes for a long time and I cant even win 50 dollars im done with them.

  • Lydia Acevedo Dekker

    I agree with all this people. They are lies pants in fire . I do not understand how the government let this companies to play games with the need it society. If an attorney want to win a class action sue. Please write me to

  • Stacey Sell

    Well people i think it is time to file a class action lawsuit foe misleading information. I know i have saved over 40 emails that state someone will win in my TV viewing area. Yeah that has never happened. I contacted their attorney Chris Irving and he has yet to comment. In 2000 they were sued and lost and now they are back to the same ole thing, Let me know if you are interested and I will give you my attorneys information.

    • LindainCO

      I have been thinking the same thing. Although I knew it was a come-on, I went ahead and bought some of their cheap junk, thinking, "OK, if I am that close to winning, I can pay for it when I win."

    • sharon

      yes , I am quite fed up with pch , i have entered their contests for 18 years now with hope that one day they will pull up at my door. I have even baked cookies for them , I am tired of praying and hoping they will come , they never do & never will . I don’t know who are the people that do win , must be family members of theirs. lets all file a class action law suit against them . can we ?
      my e-mail address is ,

      • sharon


    • Annie

      I would be interested Stacey



    • Ginger Celeste

      big scam

  • kenneth cook

    ordered playboy for two years from you,now i have been cut off for non-payment.whats going on

  • guest

    I now relize i have been scammed and not going to accept or pay bills. They are just taking peoples money and no gain.

    • i do not understand your post. pch CLEARLY states purchases & or take part in their partner offers to win.

  • sandy

    There are too many advertisements!!!!You play one instant then there is a 30 second ad,and the same ad plays over and over.By the time you have entered you have seen the same ad 5-10 times.Ridiculous.




    I entered pch like most people with the dream of possible winning,never imagining that i would have to reenter over and over again,I HAVE BEEN BOMBARDED WITH EMAILS BY PCH,feel like i am being scamed!

    • Jan

      I’m feeling the same way every day anywhere from 5 to 20 emails telling me to enter I really don’t think anyone really wins this. I’m beginning to think they pay people to act like winners anyway, SCAM is what I think

    • Jesse

      me too. they are the most annoying company I have ever encountered. Just got another one that said "Reply ASAP"

  • sandra

    WOW,so pch gets to post what ever comments they want to,so why bother?

    • Ginger Celeste

      united we stand


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