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Best Buy Text

I received a text from iwinbestbuy.com on 11/25/12 saying my entry won and to go to the iwinbestbuy.com website and enter code 2012 to claim my $1000 Best Buy gift card.

I don’t shop at Best Buy. It was obvious to me that I didn’t enter anything there.

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7 thoughts on “iwinbestbuy.com

  1. same text to my phone, but checked here cause I figured since i have not shopped nor entered any best buy contest that this was not good

  2. this is illegal and someone should take care of this prank.!!!!! or best buy needs to advise people of this joke!!! the number that sent this is 424-281-8272 this was sent at 8:42 am on nov 27

  3. Actually called back the number that sent the txt…if anyone would have done that, they would know it was a prank. My son and I had a good laugh over the fake "rejection hotline."

  4. Same thing early morning text. Did not go to the site, checked consumer reports first and found it was not legitimate or from best buy.

  5. Received text that I had won $1000 Best buy gift card. It came in the early AM hours…woke me from a deep sleep. Not good!

    Do not want to think that Best Buy would support something illegitimate. The Corp. needs to file a disclaimer or make good on offer.

  6. I received so i went to my computer and entered their address it is a malicious website. Don't click it on your smart phone or it will get dumb fast.