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Business Name: Heritage Financial Group Las Vegas
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3/24/2014 – I received a letter stating I won a lottery and there was a check in the amount of 3,875.00 along with it. The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the letter was in a State Farm envelope and the letter indicated that it was Heritage Financial Group in conjunction with (Dorrance Publishing Inc). The bank it was drawn on was PNC Bank.

I called all 3 companies and got no where. It was just answering machines that were too full to leave a message. So I know for sure this is a scam. It was nice seeing that check, but don’t believe it. Throw it away or shred it or take it to your local police station.

Heritage Financial Group – Dorrance Publishing Inc. – 701 Smithfield Street Pittsburgh PA

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22 thoughts on “Heritage Financial Group

  1. Just got one, thank you for the post! I possibly could have fallen for it, but at the end it said that I would receive $125K in the mail which I find hilarious.

  2. This is my second one. The first one I deposited into my bank and it actually cleared but there was still a hold on it from my bank. I know my bank manager and although it all was a big headache, and I mean BIG she was a tremendous help!! You see when you deposit a fraudulent check in your account, you are not only the victim but you are a scammer as well. My bank shut down my account and right before I was to get my usual retirement check via direct deposit. So I had to wait for the area manager and many others to make note, corrections on my account and they made an exception and opened the account back up and I received my retirement check 6 wks late. THIS time I am gonna go poor if I have to, to find the scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, I will get some money!!!!!

  3. I just got the same letter ..the only thing diffirent is they didn't ask me to send any money..not yet..they told me to deposite the check then call them back…I knew it was a scam the moment I opened it…there should some way to stop these people

  4. Got the same as everyone else but I did call to have some fun with them, played along with him but I kept asking him some other stuff about it and he kept telling just deposit the check today and then call him back for another phone number to the tax guy, think he was getting mad at me after a few min. cause he was getting a little upset with me, but as always if it looks to good to be true than it not. But did enjoy pulling his chain.

  5. The check I got was issues by Citibank in the amount of $3875. it has all the same information that everyone has mentioned before. I too do not trust this since nothing is for free!

  6. I was sent the same ("crock" )on 02/09/2014. My check was from the Silicon Valley Bank in Palo Alto, CA. I have been mailed scam mail that I won money in other contests in the past but they were not done as well as this work of art. This is a very cruel thing to do to people. It sure got me exited for a minute or so. After I read the letter ten times or more I noticed 2 mistakes in the grammar, that's when I new it was a fraud. I figured if they could not spell any better then me something was wrong. I took the check to my bank and asked about it and they told me it was a fraud. I feel bad for anyone that found out to late.

    • i;m in the same boat like you guys,first what i did is open the site of the heritage financial and look at the comments of yours.i,m glad i did,this is very good scam,not excellent ,needs to be tweaked little bit.thank to you guys for posting your comments ,helps a lot. REMEMBER
      .free money does,nt come easy

  7. I too just got this letter today 2/15/2014 telling me that before I cash the check I must first call Mr. Jeff Tylah-LLB (Claim Agent) and to please not attempt to cash the $3875 until first contacting the claim agent. The letter is sign by Byron McFarlene (Promotion Director). Also it mentions in the bottom that these International Shoppers Lotto Powerball is sponsored by Wal-mart, K-mart, HSBC, Costco, Sears, Amex, Home Depot, BMO, TD Financial, Scotia Bank, President Choice, Target, Lowes, Walgreen, JC Penny, Safeway, HBC and many others.

  8. I received the same letter today! I can't afford an attorney but if I could I'd hire one to make them make good on the promises in their letter! This crap should be illegal. There are too many elderly and naïve people out there. I feel so sorry for the ones who get taken advantage of.

  9. I just received the same letter as the rest of you from Heritage Financial Group – no return address on the envelope. I called Olcott International and was put on hold, so I hung up. I called the "Claim Agent" listed on the letter and……surprise, it was someone with a heavy accent, not Canadian, claiming to be speaking from a Canadian firm. Look up the information on the Jamacian scammers who are targeting Americans with this scam.
    Report this as a scam.

  10. I just received the letter today 2/1/2014 and it was from TD financing services for the envelope the paper says Heritage Financial group and the check says Olcott International & Co LLC out of Weehawkwn, NJ.

  11. I also received the letter and check on 1/28/14 and called the # 1-647-860-0599 and deposited the check by opening a new acct at a bank I never used before. I came back and called and was told to sent $1875.00 Western Union and they would fed ex my certified check for $121,125.00. Since the check they sent was for $3875.00 I figured why not. The only thing is I can not then that money and till the check clears because I am not going to sent money from any of my main accounts. If the check they sent me clears then I will send them the $1875.00 and at that point they can send me the rest of the money! I wonder what will happen?

  12. I received the same letter. My son stopped me from cashing it. I am old and disabled and could have used the money. Since it said Wal-Mart and Sears I thought it would be ok . Glad I have a savvy son.

  13. I received a letter today 1/28/2013 mine was in conjunction Olcott International & CO.LLC. The letter also was with a stamp from Canada. Not getting happy about this at all. I goggled Heritage Financial group and the offices in Indiana have messages, they say, "we have no association with Lotto Prize winning letters that are using our name. They have the nerve to send a check and use JP Morgan Chase Bank. I'm waiting for Publishers Clearing House, I did win a few bucks some years ago from them, no problem there!

  14. I got the same check and letter in the mail today and when I called the number listed after calling Chase Bank the mail box is full and cant accept more messages. I am going to report this to the BBB now.

  15. I received a letter 1/223/14 and what is crazy is that they say at the bottom that "This program is sponsored by Wal-mart Group, K-mart, HSBC, Costco, sears, Amex, Home Depot, Target, Lowes, Walgreen. Safeway …these stores should be the ones to after them – they have more power than the common person who gets these crazy letters with checks!

    • I received the same letter. At first, I thought this is not right. i decided that I would investigate. I am glad individuals such as those on here took the time to reply. Something should be done about Mr. Tylah and anyone who participate in this scam.

    • I too received this check from Citibank. I'm just glad I received it and not my soon to be 90 year old dad! I would love to see someone go after these liars and make them pay!