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Corporate Address: 1525 Capital Dr #109
Carrollton, Texas 75006 USA

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Won a 35mm Digital Camera with Zoom Lens

I am on disability and had enter different contests to win a prize. I got a letter from DMI 1525 Carrolton, Texas stating I had won this amazing camera and I have always wanted to do photography.

With limited income which I can hardly put food on the table I thought this would be a wonderful way to make some money and this was my first 35mm digital camera with a zoom lens. all I needed to do is send $16.95 for shipping and handling fee. I thought that was great for such a beautiful descriptive 35mm camera. I looked up this camera to find out it was a scam/mail fraud company.

I have lost my confidence because I had such high hopes for adding to a very small income and be able to afford propane so I could cook, have hot water to take a bath and put food on my table which hasn’t happened in over a year. I finally had hope and my depression was subsiding until I get this piece of junk camera which the value is $5.95. I read to be told this was a scam from Ripped Off and it was mail fraud. I have no money to get a lawyer to sue them for the erroneous free camera that was not anything like the description on the paper that congratulated me on winning this contest and getting this wonderful prize.

I had hopes to use this great camera to start a business of taking family,wedding, anniversary and graduation pictures. So excited and waiting impatiently to open the box and see this piece of Junk for a camera, now, my dreams are lost because I want be profiting from this professional camera.

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