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Best Buy scammed me out of a $1000.00 gift card

Like all the others I received a text announcing me as a winner of a $1000.00 Best Buy gift card. “When I got there the cover was bare, now me and my little dog have none!”

I’ve also given up on trying to get my reward points, when ever I try I get a message that that particular server is temporarily down, yeah like for three years!

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  • Buzz G.

    Why doesn’t BestBuy issue a blanket denial and apology, regarding (as they claim) this SCAM!! I do not understand why they ("BB") waited so long to clear this up. I myself, received the same text message (Dec.20012) and for a moment, I thought my winning was related to my response to the store receipt survey. I think they are full of FECES!!!

  • Jan

    AGAIN people, these texts are NOT from Best Buy! Just like the one from "Target" That. is. why. they. are. called. SCAMS!

  • zing

    It makes me sick how absolutely BRAIN-DEAD these comments are. People ACTUALLY fell for this?!!? And people ACTUALLY thought Best Buy had anything to do with these texts? How completely stupid can you be?!



  • dissapointed

    I also reicievd a mesage from best buy sayingi won a cash card to best buy stores whats up best buy my husband lovesur stere n he was happy whn i told him but now that we have been having trouble claiming the gift card were dissapointed in bestbuy

    • Coty

      It’s NOT Bestbuy! I’m so tired of reading "Disappointed in Best Buy" or "never shopping at Best Buy again!". Please people, do your research on this type of scam. It has noting to do with Best Buy. These scammers are just using a company’s name that you are familiar with and most likely trust.

  • dve

    seeing all these comments " I’m done with best buy" , I’ll never shop Best buy again"… C’mon… Really sheeple?
    In this day and age, so many of you still believe this garbage actually comes from Best Buy ? 99.9 % of these text and email "promotions" are from Scammers! for god sake, anybody can make up a phony web address.
    Don’t be so D**n Naive…

  • Kelly Hernandez

    So I get this text this morning on my verizon pre-paid phone, saying I won and to go to and put in this number to claim my prize. There is no website, So I’m challenging Best Buy to give me an answer on why or how this happens. I and my family and friends will no longer shop at Best Buy. Good luck BEST BUY!!!

    • rvs

      Good Luck best buy?
      LOL If you’re falling for this crap ‘and’ believing it’s the ‘actual’ Company behind it? YOU need the Luck…Jeezus… How dumb are you….

      • Sally

        I agree, it’s clear that this kind of spam cannot come from Best Buy, however, I, for one, received the same text, knew it was spam, but still was so irritated by it that I am know weary of any type of communication from best buy…regardless if it is official or not. I immediately spam anything with best buy in the header. I’m sure I am not the only one. So, best buy might actually see a decrease in the effectiveness of their online marketing, for example, if people continue to receive these txts. No one likes spam, even if best buy is not responsible. In short,what i’m trying to say is: "Good luck Best Buy" might be the case, they might take a hit, even if it is small.

    • mike

      I’m with you on that, and what about …how did you get my number? and who’s going to pay for my wasted text message?…. you know even with unlimited texting that "ishh "is not free )-:;

  • JMejia

    This stuff is really messed up bestbuy should take action i will not be shopping there anymore.. atleast not untill this is resolved

  • Bev

    Just got one last week. I do shop there. I have sprint. Mine said i thought i thought i heard they were giving away cards so i put the number in. But then i called best buy who said it is a scam and are looking into it. Then called sprint who is aware of it and looking into it. But said they will not be able to access my bank info. But may hav signed me up for something that will be charged on my phone. So i called customer service & they said nothing had come thru yet and noted the problem. I also called my bank to make them aware just in case. What an awful thing to do to someone. Sick people out there.


    I got this txt today ….You were approved as the victor of our Holiday Giveaway Challenge. Please tell us where to send it by entering code BB81 here http://www.Be

  • sheikita slocum

    Hi, this message was sent to my phone @ 3:00 am saying that I won a prize and that need to claim it code bb15. Never even register ed for anything dealing with bestbuy. I think this should be a lawsuit. Sent from gobaabtvi@bestbuy.m

  • Eddie

    I don’t know if I should be worried about the information I put it. I put my DOB which is under 18 my phone number and my home address. Should I be worried?

  • Gail

    I just received a text from Best Buy saying I had won a $1000.00 gift card from them. By the looks of all of the other fraudulent offers, I do believe Best Buy should be getting ready for a Class Action Lawsuit.

    • dve

      These offers do not come from best buy…
      I do believe ‘you’ should be getting ready for ‘many more’ disappointments by being SCAMMED. WAKE UP!

    • Felnora Keller

      received the same text said I won $1000.00 go th the web site and claim it. I deleted it just 3 minutes ago I received another text saying "your recent entry was victorious in winning you a gift card! Enter 5389 to claim at http.// my computer and prepaid verizon phone cannot find such a web site Shame on BEST BUY

  • joan fahne

    Best Buy – don’t like companies that play games – evidentally like your CEO has played games with the company – as it is failing. so … i will not be purchasing from Best Buy any longer.

    • Cooper

      I cannot believe you actually believe the real company has anything to do with this scam. Stop being ignorant and do some research. If the company is indeed failing, it probably has a lot to do with people like you who are easily tricked into believing a scam and then when you don’t get what you were promised by the scam, you never shop at the company the scam was representing again. Read Carefully: BEST BUY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SCAM. BEST BUY IS THE REAL VICTIM IN THIS SCAM BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS (and apparently hundreds of them according to this website, I honestly can’t believe how gullible these people are).

  • Brian

    I got a txt today from 561-203-9106. Website does not exist.

    • Shannon

      I got the same text too saying i won and the website doesnt exist

  • marlene

    Received a txt to my verizon phone this morning to claim my winnings by entering code 2989. the email it was from:

  • Anon

    Scam text message received "bestbuy gift card’…….etc. do not reply.

  • ashleysmom

    i received these before but from a 262 number. I received another one yesterday then today I got 2 messages from to enter code7680 on their site to claim my $1000 gift card.

  • Anonymous

    Got a mesage: "Your entry has won! Go to and enter code 1122 to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card!" From (313) 319-7563 figured it was a scam :/

  • Susan


    My entry has won $1,000 also Verizon customer! Pretty low around Christmas ….. since I have just suffered a lay off!

  • janice pruett

    i got a text stating that i won a free gift from Douglas Ambrose at Best Buy

  • Brando

    I just got the text. Mine said I have won 500 dollars. On my Goverment cell phone. Knew it was scam but so annoying.

  • Mike

    Got text today,11-2-12:

    "Your entry has won! Go to and enter code "1122" to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card! Must claim by 11/30/2012."

    Glad I checked on this before going to website.

    • william horton

      i got the same tex but every time i go to the web it says server unavailable

  • i got the text saying same thing winning code was 7376… smelled a rat and google the phone # and found this site.,, too good to be true usually is.

  • me

    now the number is 804-389-6066

  • Bricolage8

    Addendum, I got it at 10:45 am, and I’m also on Verizon and in Best Buy’s system. Text received is as follows:

    Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your winning code 2913 to claim your FREE $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24hrs.

  • Bricolage8

    I just got this same text from 909-973-6491 on 11/1/12. I thought something was fishy, as I haven’t bought or entered anything from Best Buy in months.

    • Kelley

      I just got the same text for from the phone number 909-973-5847, telling me that I won $1,000 best buy gift card and to go that website and to use code 2913..Yeah right! I haven’t shopped at Best buy since last year anyway.

      • Gregg

        First got this text message a month ago and just deleted it. Got the text again today and thought I would do some checking. Number I was to call is also 909-973-5847, code 5555. Number is supposed to be in Pomona, CA

  • Dale

    Thats where the text message i got just a few minutes came from……… which is

    2311 5th St

    Riverside, CA 92507

    D**n freaking fraudulant texts:(

  • Woody

    I just got the message and i went to redeem to see if it was real and the website doesnt exist, or I have a crappy computer

  • Natalie Ramirez

    i got this text October 17th from 909-973-6491

  • Linda

    I received a text October 17th, 2012 at 8:42 pm instructing me to enter a winning code of 5555 at the website within 24 hrs to claim my free $1,000 gift card. Can someone do something to stop this scam??

  • jordan

    my dad got it….we knew somthin was fishy….again..thanks for these comments….big help

    • Kat

      I got the same text Oct. 15 from 714.616.6156.

  • K. EVANS

    Just got my call from 714-616 6156. I actually did enter a contest with Best But but it was in July which was more than a month ago . . . **** because it woke me up from a great sleep.

    One would think Best Buy would want this resolved as is is their rep on the line.

    • Game Dame

      Yup, got the same message from this same number on October 6, 2012. I’m a Verizon customer and I DID enter a Best Buy online contest within the past month or so, but something told me this was a scam, so I just ignored it.

    • Laurie

      I too just received the same text, from the same # with the same code. Thank goodness I looked into it rather than get SCAMMED!

  • Luci

    I got the same message on October 6th from phone number 951-662-9744. I didn’t check the link or anything, but I figured it was a scam as it had been a while since the last time I went to the store and I couldn’t remember entering any sweepstakes. Besides, why would they text me instead of sending me an email? Oh, and for those that say this is a Verizon thing, I’m a Sprint customer. Unless their whole system got hacked as I do have a land line with Verizon.

  • DSS

    I have made a complaint to the FTC, this is the best way to get it investigated and stopped….Text me at 1:30am with a scam. any other time I might just delete.

  • Duane

    the scam is being run from China

    • Tony

      The just texted me, too. I’m glad I did a search. I don’t really think you get a $1000 gift card when you didn’t enter the drawing or even shop at their store!


    • livi

      9098377687 is the new # same text today..

      • Howard Parker

        The new number for this so-called winning circle is as of ths morning12:44P.M. is 909-973-6491 and Yes I also am a verizon customer my knowing of any entries isn’t the matter but not to seem greedful butif you msay or send a text to any persn they should be completely entitled to the **** wining especially after filling out the information does anyone agree?

        givest me m free gift card now!

        • j

          I received the same email today from 9098377687.

          Any suggestions on how to stop this without incurring blocking charges?

          • Barb

            I just received the same call today Oct. 15 2012. It is helpful to know all the info that was posted. Thanks for all these replies.

  • Patricia

    Also have Verizon. My message said exactly the same thing as everyone else’s, and came from 909-837-7749. Is this something related to a Verizon leak?

    • Imawinner2

      I’m with Verizon too, and received the same text from the same number, on the same day at 8:23am. Glad I checked here first!

      • Denise Steil

        I too am a Verizon customer and got the message from that the same -7749 number. Mine came in yesterday 10/13.

    • I recieved an e-mail this morning at 7:41: ATTN:REWARD ZONE MEMBER! You have just wona $1000 BESTBuy Gift Card! Go to and entercode 8228 to claim NOW!
      Came from phone number 262-977-0016. Not funny when you can’t afford to buy Christmas presents!!!!!!
      I called the number and it’s a Wisconsin number. When picked up it plays a song that says you reached Golden Star. I cvhecked out the site. It cameup Best Buy but I backed out when it asked for my e-mail. Didn’t want to get caught up. I have Sprint

  • Suz

    received txt msg at 4:43a this morning from 929-837-7749. frequent shopper at best buy. I also have verizon.

  • Hehehehe

    I got this message too! Then I went to the site and registered……


    • Denise Steil

      and you use ALL CAPS SO PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE FOR REAL!? Bull****.

  • jeff

    i got the same message today the # is 909-973-6491 id love to find one of these jackass people an beat the **** out of em

  • De

    I got a call at 5:12 in the morning. 10/11/1012

    this is a total scam I have never filled out anything at best buy ever first of all… Second of all who the heck texts someone that early in the morning. if I would have won a contest they would have contacted me at normal hours. I am going to get a hold of verizon and see if they are putting some kind of stop to this… I am a light sleeper and I shouldn’t be woke up for this. I have teens so I can’t just put my phone on silent or off. This makes me mad…..

  • w8lliam

    I wonder how many ccs they got.. I have verizon too.. I wish it was real I wana goto peru so bad for 12 21 12 summer solstice that money would help.

  • Jeremy

    Just got sent this same scam. Came here. Not surprised. Thanks for posting.

  • Hula

    Recieved a text message from (909) 973-6491 claiming my entry won a $1,000.00 gift Card from Best Buy. Go to BestBuyWin.Net enter the winning code 5555 to claim your FREE $1000 Best Buy gift card within 24 hours.

    Since I am in their system and recently shopped there I responded. It is a RIP-OFF.

  • DEAN

    can not 100000 people to be the winners with just one same code 5555….it is a SCAM ….think think

  • Larry

    I received the same scam txt from 909-837-7687

  • Leslie

    Yep…I got the same text message just like everybody else, reply within 24 HRS with your 5555 winning code to claim your $1000 BestBuy gift card. I got the text on 10-10-12 (today) at about 12:30PM CT. I’m also a Verizon customer and have not registered at Best Buy for anything. The # was 909-973-6491. Considering, I hadn’t registered for a gift card, I decided to check it out…and what do you know…lol…A SCAM!

  • joy

    909-973-7076 is the number I received the text from………

  • Ray

    I got the same text from 714-616-6158. I have a Verizon account and am also in the Best Buy system. I figured I would check it out online before trying the site. Guess it is a scam, big surprise.

    Don’t blame Best Buy or Verizon – they might not be aware. Has anyone actually contacted them to report it? Reverse # lookups are not reliable, since even moderately sophisticated phone phishers can spoof the caller i.d. system to make it appear they are anyone they want to be.

    • Rebecka

      I got a text from 714-616-6156 that says Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter you winning code 5555 to claim your FREE $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24hrs. A scam of course.

  • You

    I got my text on Oct 4, 12 from 832-544-5434 with the winning code of 5555. I can’t beleive some one would reply to this knowing that they hadn’t entered I haven’t been at a best buy for about 6 months. I never even fill out their survey even when they say it also enters you in a $1000 drawing.

  • barb

    i just got the text from 909-837-7761……

  • Dwhoram

    I got the same text from 714-616-6154. I did enter a Best Buy contest last month. This really sux

  • fred jones

    now its 9098377749

  • voodoudawg

    it would be nice to find out who is doing this and have a chance to harm them and hurt them really bad for trying to do the same to us…send them to Hell

    • jackie

      I received the same call from 909 973-6491

  • WWH

    Stupid message cost me money since I don’t have text messaging on my phone!!! Looks like everyone here has Verizon ????

  • WWH

    Same call here! Plus it cost .20 since text is not an option on my phone!

  • Debbie

    I got the text on my verison from 909-973-5847 at 6:40 AM. Too good to be true. Some stupid punk at it again.

    • Judi

      On Oct 6, 12 @2:59 a.m I too received the above message for best buy win 5555! For $1000. 00 price to claim go to that site! The cell number is 951.662.9712 WHAT A SCAM

  • chris

    i went to the website provided and it requires u to give credit card # and u need to purchase BS.. DONT DO IT SCAM!!!

  • MeeToo

    I just got this text from (714)616-6158

    I have a Verizon phone, and I’m also in the Best Buy system (so when my headphones break I can get a new pair with the warranty)

    Too bad, woulda loved a new external hard drive

  • Teresa

    I just received this same message from 951-662-9728. "Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your winning code 5555 to claim your FREE $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24hrs.

    Now that I’ve see everyone elses comments on here, I didn’t even bother to test out the site. I don’t recall registering for anything!

  • ohio

    I too received a text message at 6:15am claiming I won a $1,000. BestBuy gift card from phone # 832-544-6031. I did a reverse number check, the text came from a cell phone out of Houston TX Cellco Parternship dba Verizion Wireless-TX

  • justluckyiguess

    Wow….I must have done something right then. I received my gift card in the mail today. Plus, my wife got the text just last night from same number. Hello HD Plasma….

  • DinkyDoo

    Similar message received 10/03 ~8:00 PM EDT from 832-544-6031. No idea to whom that may be registered, but would be surprised if it wasn’t Verizon.

  • Sharon

    I got a message from 909-837-7761 that said (Your entry last month has won! Go to and enter your winning code # **** to claim your FREE $1000 Best Buy gift card within 24hrs.

  • harold provost

    October 4, 2012 at 3:15 p.m. I received a text message that stated my entry last month has WON! Go to and enter winning code 5555 to claim your free $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24 hrs.

    I knew this could not be true because I have not entered Best Buy to win anything.

  • Vladimir livyk



    RECEIVED OCT.3,6.26 PM CLAIM #5555 what a scam

  • Shana

    Same here- text message about, 1:47pm, Pacific Time.

  • Don Caperoon

    I received the same message,When I did a reverse look-up on the phone number it was registered to VERIZON out of California.

    What gives them the right, and do they not take enough of our money now?

  • T. Stoner

    Received a text stating I won 1000.00 gift card from best buy. Followed the directions only to find a bunch of offers you had to go through in order to have a chance to win the gift card. Very unhappy about this latest scam. How are they getting the phone number???? I just got this phone.

  • L. Byrd

    I just received the same text at 10:27pm. Phone number used was 909-837-7687

  • David

    People don’t worry. Just erase the text and move on with your day. Scammers like this blanket text thousands of numbers at once. If you respond, they know they got through to you. It was luck that they guessed your number.

  • Chick

    I got this bull**** message too! Total SCAM!

  • Linda

    i too received this bogus prize claim on my verizon cell. I want to know how they are able to obtain all of our numbers? Perhaps Bestbuy phone data base has been comprimised? I shall report this to Best Buy. If it sounds too good to be true it is!!

  • thedude

    I received the same scam txt from 909-837-7749

    • me

      i got a message from this same number.. first time i saw 2 of the same numbers… made my day til i saw all the other people saying it was a scam.. other than the iguessiwaslucky (something like that).. oh well… at least i didnt lose anything

  • Marshall

    The current number being used is 909 973-5847 at 3:15 am.


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