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Received an email that said my entry had been selected and I won a $1,000.00 Best Buy gift card.

Go to by 11/30/2012 and enter code 1122 to claim my prize.

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  1. I just got another one of those stupid calls again about five minutes ago and it burns my but how they just listen and don't say anything. They have been calling me daily as well. I have to wonder what will be done about it, but the whistle in the ear sounds good to me until something is done!!

  2. I got a stupid message saying go to and enter code1122 and clam ur $1000 best buy card we do shop there **** I read these and I am eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr.

  3. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hate **** buy but i love best buy i alsowe hate tierds they are so slimy and nasty

  4. Don't blame Bestbuy. I got the text on my phone that is NOT registered to my Rewards account. Meaning the scammers are war dialing/texting phones hoping enough receipants are Rewards account owners and get taken. Lesson is ALWAYS google a supposed win to avoid scams.

  5. Like everybody else I got message: Your entry has won! go to enter code 1122 to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift Card. Must claim bt 11/30/12" from 1-347-939-9065. I was lucky google first. It is crazy.

  6. wow you people are retarded that think that best buy does this… you realize you can buy list from that has all your personal info? there are entire companies that just sell your info. I usta buy from them for my business… i doubt they verify you are a rewards member. they just send it out knowing that 80% of people are rewards members.

  7. You guys have to realize this is not best buys fault at all they never gave away any personal information. the fraud company probably got it from your Facebook info and verified if your a best buy customer. you are all idiots if you think oh i hate bestbuy because a fraud company made tricked you into thinking you won1000$ dollars for Bestbuy.

  8. I received the same text from 636-485-8663 (area code just outside of St. Louis–same cell phone cited in a complaint 2 days ago. Text said "Go to and
    enter claim code 1122 to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card! Must claim by 11/30/2012." I am a best buy rewards member and checked–so glad I was directed to this web site first! One of my children received a similar text, and they are not a Best Buy reward member.

  9. I got this text message too, but personally I think anyone who fell for it is an idiot. The first thing I did was look it up. I'm not even a member of anything related to Best Buy so don't blame them. They didn't send the message and I doubt it was them who leaked the personal info. It was probably a more common website like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo that the info was taken from. Seriously, who looks at a random text that says you won $1000 and immediately believes it? If you fell for this I have a friend in Nigeria who wants to send you $1000 to make up for it and all you have to do is give me a ton of personal info.

  10. Got a text message from 281-743-3821 "Your entry has won! Go to and
    enter claim code 1122 to claim your $1000 Best Buy gift card! Must claim by 11/30/2012." I'm glad I
    clicked on this website first. Best Buy needs to act fast to stop these scammers

  11. Just received a text saying enter code 1122 to claim my $1000. gift card. What a bunch of BS!!! Who is accountable for this fiasco??? I am a Silver Rewards Member and now I'm concerned what information has been accessed. Lovely!

  12. This is happening to a lot of best buy rewards members including myself. It seems best buy is giving out personal information, and they should be held accountable..

  13. The owners of the website are registered in Germany and use an LA address. I also see that they are hiding behind "Whoisguard" a service that conceals IDs from spammers who farm the Registration Database.
    Who knows were these assh#!s really live?

  14. This is a scam that is false advertisement they should be responsible to give us a giftcard worth a 1000 I spend a lot of money there and I am a rewards member I thought it was serious and who would of known scam!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. got the same text sent to my phone, glad to see others have reported it, since i am a rewards member i thought i actually might have won something…. glad i didnt go to site! and enter code 8228 was text i received. Best Buy should resolve this, this is crazy!

  16. Received text message, 12:35 AM from (262) 221-7624; "ATTN: Rewards Member! You have just won a $1000 Best Buy Giftcard! Go to http// and enter code 8228. Since reading tbhis site I will not pursue any further.

  17. I received the same message. The message was sent by 636-485-8663. White Pages indicated it was from a Verizon wireless phone from St. Charles, MO. Another site claimed the 636-485-xxxx prefix is assigned to a telemarketer.

  18. they texed me at 5:45 am with saying I won a 1,000 gift card.. what a way to wake up.. now Im finding out its a scam.. how the **** did they get my cell phone #.. that is scarey.. How cruel for such a scam to surface around christmas time..

  19. Got this message too. Best Buy should throw the book at these crooks before their reputation is irreversably damaged. I'm also interested in what shameless corporation sold my info/phone number to these people so I can be sure not to do business with them again…ever.

  20. got same $1000. saw lots of complints onoline regard this. bogus scam. best buy will go the way of circuit city if they actually gave away $$$$$$$….

  21. Scam. Not only will you have to give over personal info, but you just verified your cell number is valid and they will continue to send you crap

  22. i got this message at 3:00 am on my cell phone–thanks for nothing.
    I could also use this gift. To bad some people try to steal instead of doing a honest day of work.

  23. Read the fine print where you enter your email, you must sign up with two service providers and agree to blah blah blah. Not a scam necessarily but oyu did not "win" a Gift Card. You will have to jump through hoops to get it.