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Last Updated On: October 29, 2015

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Business Name: Tidebuy International Ltd
Corporate Address:
Rm 19C Lockhart Ctr 301-307 Lockhart Rd
Hong Kong China

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Corp Phone Number: +86-29-68968082
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 42 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 34

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $11,623.90
Average Reported Losses: $276.76

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Is ShoesPie a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Scam, Unprofessional, Horrible Business

People do not buy from it is the worst business or scam ever. I ordered some shoes like 3 weeks in advance, and paid extra to have them delivered faster because I wanted to wear them on graduation which was on May,15th 2015. The shoes came the following week after graduation.

I had already filed a dispute with the bank and now the company is trying to take the money back after I have explained numerous of times I will send the shoes back not at my expense. I did not sign for the shoes and I had already been trying to cancel the order, because I was very dissatisfied with the costumer service I received thought it was a scam the whole time.

Before I tried to send the shoes back I wanted to see what they look like and they were hidious the shoes look nothing like the picture and then I was told I have to pay $30-$40 to ship the shoes back and I may not be guaranteed any money back so my best bet was to keep the shoes and take a $10 gift for a pair of $90 shoes I did not won’t.

Either way I am out of $90 and may be out of more money if I send the shoes back that I do not wont. Be aware people.

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  • I am so happy to read all these complaints> I was prepared to order an over priced pair of sandals but I did my research first. Thank you guys for this information.

  • I ordered shoes from shoespie and they did not look like the pictures on the website. The monstrosities that came to my door were CHEAP and UGLY as hell. Also I am still waiting for my sandals to arrived that I ordered in MAY 2015 it is now JULY 13,2015. Then to top it off . YES IT GETS WORSE. I got a text stating that because I missed the sandal delivery I would have to pay $140.00 to have them redelivered. SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!!!

    • I just got my order and it is far different from what is on the page they only look pretty on there website but they are garbage I would never order anything from this company again and am warning you all to not buy anything else from them they need to shut these people down for real they are dishonest

  • They spent about two months to send my shoes. The shoes I got didn’t even look like the picture, they were cheaper and duller. There was also a freaking NAIL sticking up in one of the shoes that I had to get fixed. If I had stepped in it, the nail would have gone right into the bottom of my foot. This website is also unreasonably priced. Their shoe quality is not worth 100+ dollars. And they ALWAYS say they’re on sale to make you want to buy the shoes quicker. They have literally never had a day without a sale going on, and it’s always making the shoes be the same price that they always are. They’re tricking you to believe they’re on sale. And it’s super hard to contact them. Lastly, I really think the reviews they have on their site are fake. They’re too good to be real.

  • I was worried when I read these complaints after I ordered a pair of boots from Shoespie. But I had no reason to worry! I got my boots and they are beautiful. Love em!

    • Are the shoes still together because they really are made from poor material?
      A month later, I would like to know

      • I was reading reviews on their site and this was going to be my comment

        I decided to look over the reviews and they seem fake considering two “different” people commented the EXACT same comment on different dates and the comment has the exact same error in spelling and punctuation. This has deterred me from purchasing these boots. I’m very displeased with this type of business practice and that says a lot about the company.

        However, they would not allow “customer reviews” to be input although the specific shoe had 42 reviews. I’m saying that to say that this comment from “kate” is likely more scam from the company.

  • do not purchase from this company!!!!! no excuse no way. they are cheap, made badly horrible quality and no return or order information in the box. – by the way 2 pair of shoes came in one box.

  • I placed my sandal order on April 21th 2015 and as of today May 14th 2015 I have still not receive my order and I’ve try emailing but no respond. I call my paypal account to cancel this order for me and they told me it will take 5 business days to cancel and get my money back into my account son let’s see if this happens by May 18th 2015. I will NEVER ever order from this website again. Sign by Dee

  • i order a pair of shoe havenot received them as of yet

  • Thank you for the warning, I won´t order any pair from them.

    • shoespie is fake pls stay away I ordered a shoe and they gave me a fake tracking number I tracked via china air post but there was no tracking number as such

  • thank you ! just answered my question….


  • Thanks for the reviews, I was about to order 5 pair of their shoes, not now!


  • Go to ShoesPie site, open pages with shoes and look carefully at positive reviews under each pair of shoes! First all reviews are positive! Second, you will notice that the same person is writing all those reviews under a lot of different screen names!!!

  • They don’t have any shoes. They are just using money. Money circulates. I was one of the lucky once to get refund from them, so they play…They give some people refunds…they don’t give refunds to others. Maybe some people got some shoes? lol…If anyone here says that they got shoes and that they are legit and great, and that customer service led them every step of the way blah blah…that is them. It is their trolls. I noticed them on the site where shoe reviews are. I opened only 2 pages with shoes, look at the reviews and it is one the same person writing all positive reviews under different screen names.
    They picked me as in a lottery to give me refund, thinking that I am going to “buy it” as others who received refund and praise them, keep writing how they are legit etc., but the fact is: I didn’t get any shoes!!! and no one else got any shoes from them!!
    They are scammers!!

  • I see people here talking about different companies. I ordered and bought 2 pairs of boots for around CAD $100 (around USD $90), at a time of transaction from ShoesPie . I ordered them at November 30th 2014 (this year). Then I got email from them that item is not in stock, asking me to choose something else for the same price or more. Then I replied that I have bad knees and didn’t find anything else that I can walk in, on the site. Then they sent me email telling me that they can refund my money. I replied to them that I want them to refund my money. I already figured that they are scam site and said goodbye to my 100 bucks. I wasn’t going to bother over it, plus they are situated in Xi’an, China.
    I am not rich at all. I am actually very poor, but there was nothing I could do and I don’t have time to deal with that. Just 30 minutes ago I saw refunded money on my Visa account. They actually gave me back my money.
    I have accounting background. Now my accounting english is really bad, because I did accounting back in Yugoslavia in serbian and croatian language. Money flows, it circulates. Now, they may be using it, then refunding it. They may be playing “mind games”, being nice to some customers, refunding money, while scamming other customers. That is what I gathered from everything I read about them all over the internet.
    Has anyone actually ever received any shoes from them? I checked reviews on their site and they are all written by one person with different screen names but it is obvious that the same person wrote all those reviews by how it is written, choice of words, vocabulary, the way how someone writes things.
    I don’t think that anyone ever got any bought goods from them. They take your money, use it. They refund some customers, then never send any bought goods to other customers and never refund them. They don’t actually have any shoes, and they are not selling any shoes. They are playing “money game”

  • Ordered shoes in the 23rd September this year- and now its the 28th October and still waiting- I got an email from “tidebuy” saying my wedding dress is being dispatched what the f**k is going on here- I have sent them and email asking for a full refund so I probably will not get this !!!!

  • I was particularly impressed by the round-the-clock customer support available here. The way they guided me through each of the phases, from selection to payment, was like slicing through butter with a hot knife. From now onwards it’ll be only shoespie whenever I want to purchase anything.

    • I think you are a troll Karry, I don´t believe you.

    • This Karry is Shoespie reviewing itself or this Karry is too used to poor quality things so much that these Chinese nonsense feel like she is upgraded

  • Omg I ordered some sandals 4 months ago and trying to get a red fun this company is a scam i have sent about 40 emails now without success something needs to be done…..they want pictures of the shoes before I send them back which I’ve done over and over again they said I’ve sent pictures of wigs they sandals are £43 and they look like £7 in Tescos…………..what a con they are in china my bospx they came in is just a joke……I just don’t want anyone else to be ripped off like me………..I really don’t know how to handle this now but it’s looks like I’m not the only person…….

  • Does anyone know the contact number for the I’ve been trying to contact them but it keeps saying the number is does not exist l.

    • I have been trying to contact them also and no luck. I’m wondering myself is this a scam.

  • why is this dam company still in business the BBB don’t know about them or the Government someone one need to close them down for good they ripping people off and they should give people full refunds for giving people crappy as products. so pissed I will not ever order from them again and I will make sure others know about this site as well. yea the look cute on the site but you do not get what you pay for. I am out $300 on three pairs of shoes I only received one crappy pair so far awaiting to other…A lesson learned

  • I am so disappointed with this shoe the seller sent me a shoe that is nothing like the shoe in the picture. the gold metal is a gold plastic piece with Velcro closure the shoes are leather and not suede. I was charged $74.00 for a dam shoe that looks cheap as hell. and waited 20 plus days to receive my order when I got it the box was smashed and poorly packaged. I want the shoes in the picture not this bull s**t the seller sent me. and no one gets back to you!!

  • Wish I had looked at this before ordering totally disappointed with my orderer but more myself for not checking up on the site! More people should know how untrustworthy this site is!! I am really quite shocked that they haven’t been closed down..we were going to email them to see about returning but after seeing everyone else’s comments I really think its a lost cause.

  • This company is a SCAM!!!!!

  • They are the worst.i payed 60 $ for a pair of boots that i’ve never received and they don’t reply my emails.i’ve lost my money and my time writting them

  • Do not order from this website, you will not get what you pay for as advertised on the website and the return policy is out of control. I order boots on 1/19 and received them today 2/26 and staring the impossible return policy today.

  • Poor quality, counterfeit Ugg boots. Only able to wear once – the second time I put them a the leather loop for the lacing shredded. No refund for any reason past 30 days.

    • This is concerning order # 212425 . I have not received any information or my product.


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