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Last Updated On: November 15, 2016

Gettington Contact Information

Business Name: Bluestem Brands Inc
Corporate Address:
6250 Ridgewood Rd
St Cloud, Minnesota 56303 USA

Gettington Customer Service

Gettington Phone Number: 866-688-1091
Company Contact: Brian Smith - Chairman CEO
Corp Website:

Gettington Ratings

Average Rating: 1.80 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Gettington Reports

Reported Losses: $759.00
Average Reported Losses: $126.50

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Fraudulent requests for $10 payment

My wife is repeatedly receiving a request for $10 payment from, but we have never purchased anything from them as best we know. If we did, it certainly was on a credit card, so this request for payment is false and seems to be fraud to us.

We called them, and they won’t even talk about it without us telling them the last 4 of her SSN, and they most absolutely do not legally have that information for us because we give it to no one other than banks.

Someone should be investigating them for fraud.

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  • drummer

    the biggest a******s in the world…how does this company stay in business ????? dont waste your time or money with them….i got a half order their trying to bill me for stuff i didnt get so i stopped all payments to them and kept the items….the heck with them on my credit report….it dosent hurt me,but might hurt someone else… very cautious with this company…gettington sucks for customer service…..unhappy camper.

  • Amy Newman

    I ordered from gettington for Christmas, I never received a bill I got a phone call while at work from a rep telling me that I did not make a payment I apologized n explained that I did not receive a bill the rep was very nasty n said "you received items n are responsible for paying your bills every month!" I said that was uncalled for n you don’t know me I want a supervisor she hung up on me I called back asked for a supervisor this rep told me I don’t need a supervisor there’s no need to report this I gave her a lot of info she finally gave me a supervisor who laughed at me n told me they don’t have time for these unnecessary calls I said I thought you would like to know when a rep is talking nasty to a customer I paid off my bill n cancelled the item on back order I said to the supervisor you need to look into the treatment of your customers he laughed again said I don’t know what you want from me so have a nice day n hung up on me. They still sent me the item on back order I wrote "RETURN TO SENDER" on it n sent it back now they are trying to bill me so I have to fill out forms n wait for them to "investigate". This is the worst company to deal with n I tell everyone to throw away their catalog n DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!

  • marci

    Gettington is a copy cat to Fingerhut and Stoneberry. No difference in products. Does not really impress me unless something different shows up


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