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Last Updated On: January 16, 2015

Gettington Corporate Contact

Business Name: Bluestem Brands Inc
Corporate Address:
6250 Ridgewood Rd
St Cloud, Minnesota 56303 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 866-688-1091
Company Contact: Brian Smith - Chairman CEO
Corp Website:

Gettington Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $759.00
Average Reported Losses: $189.75

Latest Gettington Complaint

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The worst on line company I have ever dealt with.

This has got to be the worst on line company I have ever dealt with. I made an order with them and it arrived with pieces missing. Mistakes happen and I wasn’t too concerned. I called customer service but before I got to talk to a person I was put through a series of enter this number, enter that number, etc etc with their computerized phone system. Then it asked me what my call was about and it gave me a number of categories to choose from. Unfortunately none of them was “make a complaint”.

After lowering my IQ and elevating my blood pressure I finally got past the phone system and got to talk to a person. This person was the antithesis of customer service and wasn’t at all concerned with my problem and eventually agreed to send me the missing parts. I asked that they be expedited (the parts were for a heater and it was very cold) but this “no service” person wouldn’t do that so I agreed to regular shipping. I was unhappy but at least something was being done.

The next day I get an email from telling me that the part wasn’t missing and that I was assembling the item wrong. I went back to the assembly instructions and closely examined the parts that did arrive and made sure that the parts were in fact missing. I responded to the email and even furnished photos of what I received showing the item was incomplete.

To date I have not heard back from these folks so I decided to write a review of this terrible service on Site Jabber. I should have looked there before I made my order. Gettington has the worst reviews I have ever read on a company (that was still in business). I have no doubt that these guys will be out of business soon.

Consumer Comments For Gettington

  • I ordered from gettington for Christmas, I never received a bill I got a phone call while at work from a rep telling me that I did not make a payment I apologized n explained that I did not receive a bill the rep was very nasty n said "you received items n are responsible for paying your bills every month!" I said that was uncalled for n you don’t know me I want a supervisor she hung up on me I called back asked for a supervisor this rep told me I don’t need a supervisor there’s no need to report this I gave her a lot of info she finally gave me a supervisor who laughed at me n told me they don’t have time for these unnecessary calls I said I thought you would like to know when a rep is talking nasty to a customer I paid off my bill n cancelled the item on back order I said to the supervisor you need to look into the treatment of your customers he laughed again said I don’t know what you want from me so have a nice day n hung up on me. They still sent me the item on back order I wrote "RETURN TO SENDER" on it n sent it back now they are trying to bill me so I have to fill out forms n wait for them to "investigate". This is the worst company to deal with n I tell everyone to throw away their catalog n DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!

  • Gettington is a copy cat to Fingerhut and Stoneberry. No difference in products. Does not really impress me unless something different shows up


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