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Last Updated On: June 8, 2016

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Business Name: EverBuying Inc
Corporate Address:
1212 Alvarado Ave
Davis, California 95616-5532 USA

EverBuying.com Customer Service

EverBuying.com Phone Number: 530-758-3758
Corp Email: support@everbuying.com
Company Contact: Maple Lee - Priciple
Corp Website: everbuying.com

EverBuying.com Ratings

Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

EverBuying.com Reports

Reported Losses: $442.99
Average Reported Losses: $110.75

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I’ve purchased a Mobile Phone from EverBuying.com and I’m still within the Warranty Period. The phone’s defective. It won’t power on, anymore. My data is trapped inside the phone.

I cannot do a factory reset if I cannot power it on. The company is VERY elusive: Their 24/7 Live Chat window CLOSES IMMEDIATELY upon clicking ‘Submit’. There’s NO posted phone number nor address at their website or even at their Facebook page.

It only says Shenzhen, China. Now that I’ve FINALLY gotten in touch with them (via Facebook), they want ME to pay to ship the defective phone back to them. I REFUSE to pay to send back a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!!!

I’m currently going through the Better Business Bureau in West Sacramento to slay the evil EveryBuying Dragon!!

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According to the BBB: "Complainants typically allege receiving defective or incorrect merchandise from the company. When consumers attempt to obtain a refund, they allegedly experience difficulty contacting the company.In other cases, consumers complain that it takes longer than the stated shipping time to receive ordered products.As of November 6, 2012, the company reports an address of 1212 Alvarado Ave, Davis, CA 95616. Mail sent to this address was returned on May 31, 2012. Better Business Bureau has been unable to verify the business is located at this address.- See more at: http://www.bbb.org/northeast-california/business-reviews/electronic-equipment-and-supplies-dealers/everbuyingcom-in-davis-ca-47040720#sthash.EIRM6cqr.dpuf"

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This is the worst i payed for my phone to be here in 3 to 5 business days in its been like 15 days i know one thing i want my 8.99 back for my shipping and i want my phone or money! this is crazy in then have a nerve not to answer there so contact number.

I purchased a 9.7 inch S32 Android 4.2 Tablet PC All Winner A20 Dual Core 1GHz XGA TFT LCD Screen 16GB ROM HDMI OTG WiFi – Silver Item #: UM0040001 (Value $140.00) + shipping from Everbuying.com. The tablet had a scratched screen – it had obbviously been shipped that way as the packaging showed NO SIGNS OF DAMAGE. When I contacted their Help Center, they stated that I could return the item at my cost and they would deduct a 15% amount from the refund. Despite numerous contacts with them they wouldn’t budge. Items are POOR quality and customer service… Read more »

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