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Business Name: Iziget Technology Co Limited
Corporate Address:
5208 149 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta USA Customer Service Phone Number: 780-800-7160
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Wu Dan - Resgistrant
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Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 38 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 64 Reports

Reported Losses: $3,369.10
Average Reported Losses: $88.66

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I placed an order a few weeks ago for 4 bundles of curly hair in a dirty blonde. After just one day I notice that the hair started become matted and tangles at the ends. When I combed it, a lot of hair came out. And then like an hour later it was bunched up and tangled again.

After a week of having it in. I washed it at home. Deep conditioned it for 45 minutes and being very delicate with the hair. Even still it was extremely hard to comb. And when I blew dry it and Enormous amount of hair came out.

I have been wearing weaves and extensions for over 10 years and I HAVE NEVER experienced such Poor Quality Of Hair. I would not recommend this company to anyone! I don’t even think is real hair!

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Additional Website and Company Info for Iziget Technology Co Limited: | Huan Yuan Street, 2-16, Mong Kok, Kowloo Hong Kong China 999077 | +852.85230696245

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  • Donna Logue

    This company is impossible to deal with. late delivery of over 40 days. A human hair wig was ordered. the wig that arrived was nothing like the wig ordered nor was the color even close. quality was very poor. 7 day refund doesn’t exist. I have had numerous emails to receive a confirmation number to mail back. I mailed package back to Edmonton Alberta address off website I emailed copy of return information, photos of wig ordered and wig sent to me and mail tracking number Box was returned to me unopened collect. I spoke to a representative in Edmonton when delivery was late and was promised a $ 20.00 refund for late delivery, but have not been able to speak with them since package has arrived to me. No call backs, numerous messages left. Customer service insists that a exchange will be sent to me but I do not want an exchange. $20.00 refund never arrived. This company is dishonest,

  • linda

    It’s been about a month, I got nothing. The extentions were for my daughters birthday which is now over. They have jerk ed me around repeatedly online and today they said they will send them again. They are lying and they are scammed like zulily,, and tb dress. WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS, WITH ALL THE COMPLAINTS I HAVE JUST READ TOO LATE ON GOOGLE, WHY IS PAYPAL ALLOWING THEM TO USE THEIR SITE! I WILL BE CALLING THEM TOMORROW. OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Dan

    I had my data stolen in one of the many hacks out there. They were one of the unauthorized purchases, I contacted them in less than 1 hour after it happened. They first tried to make excuses that the order was legitimate, then fell silent. I have referred them over to the FBI and Scotland Yard as possibly involved in criminal stolen data activities. Stay away from them. Far away.

  • benjamin

    Please do not order from Hair Extension. They shipped me hair that had lice. When I opened the package and combed the hair I noticed lice. This is a public health concern and absolutely shameful for an alleged business to do this. I completely threw away this disgraceful product. Beware of this again alleged company.

  • WA907

    I ordered hair extensions after receiving a horrible mullet/block chop hair cut on 1/29/14. And the only way to fix it is with extensions. I choose the fastest shipping method (2-4 days) I received an order confirmation but never received a shipping confirmation. When I called it would go straight to an answering machine. I left several messages and emailed them but never heard from them. I put a stop on the payment because that of course was charged to my card ASAP. Today (2/10) I received the extensions in the mail. I’m happy I finally got them but in the mean time I ordered them from somewhere else so I really don’t need them. Debating on sending them back (since I did not end up paying for them) but then again I almost want to keep them since it took them FOREVER to ship them to me, Will never order from this company again.

  • Hayley

    I ordered extensions through this website and needed them by a certain date. Their website says 2-4 days for ship time and I chose the fastest shipping method. When I tracked my order it still said processing and I contacted them, they said the handling time is 7 days extra on top of that because they didn’t have it in stock. Who does that? Now they’re saying 7 days for my refund…garbage website. Steer clear.

  • Alyssa

    For everyone here, I would recommend the live customer support. It was very helpful to me. Just make sure you ask detailed questions, They’re real people.

  • sophie

    Really happy with the service and product I received, hair was slightly darker but with some silver shampoo I got it right is defiantly 100% indian remy hair curls and straightens all 11 pieces were there, they must have sorted there act out!

  • dking

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was able to cancel my order just before it shipped out. I too experienced terrible customer service and delayed shipping. I called then everyday and online chatted/emailed them everyday twice a day. I was only when i decided to cancel that they called me and i was finally able to talk to someone but by then they had lost me. They insisted i try the product and send it back if i dont like it, but I did not have the patience nor the resources. i lost 30 bucks dur to restocking fees but that was nothing in comparison to the 280 buck i spent on the weave.

  • Betty Mekdeci

    I ordered a set of strawberry blonde hair extensions and was upset when I saw that they had been sent from China. The hair has a funny, chemical smell and when I contacted the company about it, they wouldn’t say what it was. Suggested that I wait and the smell would go away. It has been several weeks of airing them out and they still smell funny. I won’t wear them and would never order from this company again.

    • Melissa

      Agree!!! mine smell bad too! I got the tape in ones and they all fell out within 2 hours. I called them and it just rang over and over again. THis company is def. not legit!

  • Andrea

    My daughter ordered these and what a bad idea that was! Barbie Hair! not real hair. SCAM!!!

  • Katie

    I have ordered from this site multiple times in the past. They use to be very good, and on time. Not anymore. It use to only take about a week for them to register my order and then after that 2-3 days to ship it out so a week an a half I would usually have my hair. No not anymore. Don’t even bother paying for express shipping because they will give you the ring around saying oh you paid for 1-3 day delivery but that’s after the fact it goes through our systems and we make sure we have that hair. You have to remember calling them during normal US hours or whenever will not work. They are not in the same time zone as us at least a whole day ahead, as in our morning are their nights. The best thing to do is to email them. I usually send the same email 2 in one day. And get a response with a couple days. Calling to talk ha good luck, better stay up late and brush up on whatever language they are speaking. I was in a call for 45min getting the lady to slow down, and trying to guess her words. Your best bet is to order this hair a month ahead of time. That gives them time and you’re not worried. Trust me the order WILL ship out. Also some people make the mistake of ordering hair that they THINK is their hair color, go to sallys or some hair shop that sells hair, and have them find the color that best blends with them. Don’t look at he site and be like oh this dark brown looks close to mine and get mad that it doesn’t match. Or if you accidentally order synthetic and not real. The only downside to this site is yes it is hard to get in contact with them, no they are not a scam, and the wait time is outrageous. I have made 10+ orders from this site, and it’s only gotten slower, and the 3 orders that I did cancel I got the money back not right away, things have to be done in their files, ur bank everything.

    • Shawniece

      How long did it take to get your money back ?

  • Ashley

    I ordered my extensions from this company last August, I bought platinum blonde, 7 piece 18". I planned to color them red. I was only 15 and didn’t have much money, so I got the lowest shipping I could. I waited about 3 weeks for my extensions and when they finally came I was ecstatic. I heat tested them, perfect. I then colored them and they went to just the right color to match my hair. I cut them to blend them in with my hair and I’ve been styling, dying, and wearing them on a daily basis ever since. I have had to sew the clips back in with a few times, but it was a very easy fix.
    Just now my extensions have honestly become disgusting and just unwearable, BUT I have been wearing them for almost a year!. Now that I’m 16 and have a job, I’m going to buy 22" and the 9pcs with 3-5 day shipping.
    However, GO THROUGH PAY PAL. It is the ONLY sure way to ensure that you will receive your product considering they have them right by the ****. (:
    Overall: I was very impressed with the hair, but heed others warnings and have caution with your methods of payment.

  • sarah

    CRAPP!!!! I Ordered from this website… and I am reading all these bad reviews and now I am so worried!!!!!! ): I hope I get good extensions! D: oh no!!!!!

    • Aokii

      I just ordered mine 2 days ago and im scared shitless….do i wait or do i call paypal and cancel????

  • jyoti

    received a set of clip ins today. i paid for rush delivery ($12) they came in time but its NOT REAL HAIR! it doesnt even curl.. im so **** off. no one will pick up my calls from the company either… im going to do the best i can to get my $80 back because this is ridiculous.

  • margaret carper

    I’ve returned some extensions, It’s been 5 weeks , no one will answer the phones or return the calls or emails . I’ve chalk it up as a learning experience, never trust a company you’ve never check on or heard of …This place should be shut down …

  • Sami

    I ordered the Remy Brazilian Body Waves #2 and got it in time and the color matched perfectly. I had it in by cornrow weavings. The texture was soft and the waves was nice. But once I washed it, the waves were gone. It has been 2 weeks and the hair is now really dry and tangled up really bad. I can’t even curl it anymore and it sheds like crazy. For this price, I guess they are only suppose to last 2 weeks.

  • yesenia

    This company shouldnt even be open.. they suck …. bad customer service, product isnt even virgin hair. The shipping took almost 4 weeks when they had told me is would only take 4-7 bussiness days. i wanted a refund and their was no way of reaching them.. if you dont believe try calling the number on their website… FAKE!!! no one will answer u….There website looks legit thats what got me dont fall for their bs.. I wish i would have done more reseach before i had purchased from them.

  • Cynthia

    I ordered 2 bundles of 12 in virgin brazilin hair on April 19th, today is May 3rd, I have not received it yet. I will never order from this company again.

  • Angela

    to all who have dealt with beware!!! i told me husband to order me some extensions for my birthday, he got them fine and in time but of course they were the wrong size:(! we had no order number or anything so i called and asked if we could do an exchange, they said yes but we would have to pay for the shipping all the way to china. we sent them back on march 25 a week goes by we dont receive an email or anything, so i try to get ahold of them by phone OFFLINE? wtf?! it says 24 hours a day! so another week goes by still nothing so i get online and chat with someone they say they havent received anything (blah blah blah) another week goes by im calling and calling no answer, get on the chat wait for hours just for someone to block me, customer service sux! my husband tells me to let it go that we have lost our money for good. i keep calling….here we are april 23rd almost a month after i sent my exchange i finally get someone on the phone (bit*h them out politely) i get my hair 3 days later!!! so long story short be persistent! dont let these people keep your money because they will!

  • Mandy

    I ordere 2 sets of extensions1 was 26 inch 10 clip set and 1 36 inch long weft. I actualy canceled my oreder due to all the bad reviews, and recieved no reply. then 3 days later i recieved an email saying they wer shipped. I again emailed them saying that I canceled my order. Again, no reply. The phone number is down so I could not speak to anyone. Irecieved them yesterday and they are the wrong color, and the set that was supposed to be the clips, donot have clips in them. I called my credit card company and cancled the order. I am shipping them back today and if 100% of my money isnot returned, my credit card company will simply take the money back in my claim! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!!!

    • savannah

      I odered mine and dyed them could i do the same?

  • ripped off

    I ordered hair extensions. They were the thinnest skimpiest extensions I have ever seen. The website said you can return them, but when I called they said I needed to take photos etc etc and wouldn’t take them back. Don’t buy from this company! It’s a total rip-off.

  • Rose

    I ordered hair from them a week ago and I was very scared because of all of the bed reviews but for my surprise, the the color and the hair texture are much better the all of the other hair I have purchased in the past. it exceeded my expectations!!! I love the extensions

  • Savannah

    NEVER AGAIN!! I juat recieved mine a fue hours ago. Orderd Sunday April14 & got them Weds April17. I got outside there in my mailbox all crumbled up in the white bag (1) horrible packaging. I take them out with the paper (2) from F-ing China when they said from USA. I feel them and they felt real and soft. So i take everything out and i test & the,strands burn to my curling iron(3) & wont curl!! Says Indian Remy human hair ha okay? My family is Indian and there hair curls but the extentions dont? What the heck! Plus no reply from them. Screww them!! Im 16 bought these for prom with my own money. Im def PO’d to the max.

  • Brandy

    I had a great experience with the company… I had my email from paypal and used the invoice # to track until the shipping tracking # was given (3.5 days processing) got express 3-5 day shipping with DHL. I got the tracking # Tuesday night and the package was delivered noon on Thursday. It is a 11 piece #60 18" Remy Clip In. I LOVE THEM!!

    • Savannah

      Do yours curl? i have the same thing but they wont curl!

  • Molly


  • Laurie B

    all exactly the same issue for me…I ordered for my 17 year old daughter who paid for them herself, I just paid it through my paypal…I didn’t get any confirmation from the retailer only from paypal so no tracking number etc. Only got a recording when I called. Left 2 email messages and then when I filed a complaint to paypal and emailed the retailer telling them know, the retailer emailed me back and said cancel the dispute with paypal and they’ll ship my order. BEWARE!!! If you cancel your dispute with PAYPAL, the you can’t re-open if the items never come. I emailed them back and said suck eggs…..that what they informed me to do was unethical and why would they just now ship the order after I cancel the item with PAYPAL when I already should have received the order. They are absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

  • Brooke

    If you purchases the extensions through paypal and talk to an agent they will return your money in 10 days for you or try and get you a tracking number they will help you they escalade everything.

    • Blannie

      Thanks Brooke! I just opened a case thru paypal. Hopefully I get my money back soon!

      • Laurie B

        yes !! Pay Pal is a **** Send!!! Go that route.

  • Brooke

    as of right now I am making a legal claim because of all of the reviews on their website, I am not about to lose 119.00 because of some bullshit! thats absolutely ridiculous they dont always have a holiday and there post offices arent always closed because I order stuff off ebay and its shipped within the hour! There is no way, they will be **** out of luck when im done with then!

  • Laurie

    Ordered hair from this company and paid for 3 to 5 day shipping. Have order number but no tracking number. They don’t answer phone.or emails. Where is my product. Did they even send it. How do I find out.

    • Kathleen

      Ya I am in the same boat. My anger has passed and now I am just depressed all I freaking wanted is what I paid for. Apparently nobody is honest anymore. I call and email them all the time and never get a response.

  • Maggie

    Just received my hair today 2 day delivery through fed ex again very impressed. I am not sure why this company gets such negative reviews but this hair is amazing :)

    • Esther

      did they send u a conformation number where u able to get in contact with them because evry time i email them the adress doesnt exist nor does ther phone number

  • Maggie

    I have ordered from this company on multiple occasions . I have never had any issues and it is always human hair . I always get 22 inch jet black 9 pc and 22 inch ash blonde . They last me 6-10 months . I am always satisfied with this hair . I just ordered again and I hope I still get the same hair I received back in June :)

  • Anna

    I need help! I just ordered extensions and spent $180 :(

  • Shay

    I received my hair after ordering it over two weeks ago. I order 100% virgin Remy hair. The invoice states $20 for a price but I paid $58 for each package. Because of this phoney company with the fake customer service number, I will never order on line again!!!!!!!!

    • Maria

      Number is in. Canada . It is 7

    • Maria

      780-800-7160 is number . It is a Canada #

  • doreen

    OMG, I just received my pkg. and I’m so **** and to afraid to send the four pkgs back and asked for a refund. First of all there is no indication of the amount, ($274) I paid for this crap of a hair, wrong color, looks extremly shorter than what I ordered, and it sheds just by running my fingers through the bundle, the wavey texture is the worst I’v ever seen, I paid for malaysian virgin, its says 100% remy human hair and from IziWig, I think I got synthetic hair and I think I’m stuck with it since it says sample and $20 on the invoice.

    • deenice

      I had the same problem…I used my flat iron and the ends burned. Company is full of crap….The hair took way long to be mailed and the amount was not what I expected…..The quality sucks….Never Ever again!

    • Lekeisha

      i paid for 1 bundle of Brazilian Deep Wave Hair. my receipt for the order said i purchased Indian Hair. i didn’t get the package for 2 weeks and then the invoice said i ordered a Synthetic Wig value $20. The bundle was the right color and all but it looks Synthetic as all get out and its supposed to be human hair. I’m affraid to even attempt to return mine either. Did you do it?

  • tracy

    I ordered my clip in extrnsions on 12/5/12 with the expectation of recieving them in 8-10 business days. Today is 12/28 and I have had 3 chats and 2-email comunications where they assure me that the mail is slow due to the hollidays and to wait 5 more days. The tracking # shows that the parcel arrived, but never left from the Post ofice in Quingdao, China on 12/15…..Still waitin 23 days later.

    • molly

      They did the same to me…have you received them yet?! What did you do?

  • Haley

    I ordered and then cancelled
    And i havent received my refund when i call they just hang up on me $103 lost!!! Im
    Trying to get it all back

    • Melissa

      Did you get all of your money back?!

  • Lyndsay

    Just ordered some 24 inch extensions (160 g) from BY ACCIDENT and was nervous when I saw they were from China…. The shipping did take a long time, about three weeks… but really, that isn’t bad considering it is coming from China. I got free shipping so I was at least happy about that. I paid I believe 134.99 which I thought was a pretty good deal at the time. I got the product and was nervous because I looked at the reviews and not a lot of them were great… but I knew it would be a hassle to return so I did some tests of my own. I burnt my own hair and smelled it, and then burnt the extensions hair and it smelled the same. Then I straightened it, still didn’t burn… feels soft. There is some initial shedding but that is with any extension. I decided to open them up and put them in… I do have thin hair but they are perfect for me. The color is good, feels soft, brushes easily with no snags as of yet, and it is really shiny. It is thick enough where if you have extra length it looks natural. SO FAR SO GOOD!!! I will have to wash them and wear them awhile to really know, but so far I am not regretting my purchase. Hope this somewhat helps anyone!!! :-)

    • aokii

      I hope I have the same experience you did. i just ordered my hair 2 days ago and im worried im going to be scammed like the others

  • Danielle

    I would have to say this is the MOST horrible hair i have EVER gotten . I want my money back and if they dont i will be writting bad reviews so good luck ladies , dont waste your money like i did 80 DOLLARS OUT THE WINDOW -_____-

    • Melissa

      Did you get all of your money back? I am immediately returning my order right when I get it.

  • Cassie

    Ok now I’m freaking out. I purchased about $60.00 from the website earlier today. THEN, I read people’s reviews and I decided to cancel my order in fear of getting a crappy product. "Helen" on livechat (which we all know isnt the persons real name) told me that I would get a full refund within 5-8 business days. I think they knew i was leary about the company. She then made the comment "I’ll keep a real close eye on your account, dont worry. Don’t be worried about the refund." That was odd to say, considering I didn’t say anything about being worried about my refund…Who wants to bet I never see my money? It’s not looking good on my end. Not to mention, when I called customer service, the lady sounded Chinese and cut my conversation really short when I asked when I would recieve my extensions. She said "bye bye now" and hung up…SCAMMERS!

    • Liz

      Cassie, the same thing happened to me at the end of the conversation. I asked her to cancel my order and she said "I will check your order. Bye bye now."

  • christine ladd

    i ordered hair and they said it would be 4-7 business days. well i was looking for the tracking number for three day after ordering. i live chat with Rita and she tells me that it has been sent, its at the post office and the post office is closed. which was a lie cause in china at midnight Canada time its middle of the day there on a Friday. so i asked her to get the number from the company she ordered it from well she forgot her lie and told me the company will send it once they ship it. i messaged her a bunch of times. At one point she said she was cancelling my order( which i think she did) and she told me there would be a 5% service fee deducted. i was like i never told you to cancel it so why are you keeping 5%. she was like do you want the hair or not. i was like yes but i want you to ship it priority now that your company has messed up and overlooked my order. We began arguing about when i ordered. i threatened to notify Google and Paypal so she transferred me to Katrina. Katrina said i would get a full refund. i was like i never asked for a refund. cause it would take ten days to get my money back if i even got it back. well needless to say is i spent 170 dollars. i should have had a tracking number in a day or two. I didn’t get one so i live chat argued for an hour for them to tell me if i don’t get a tracking number in another 3 days to live chat them again.. i don’t know what for. For them to say wait another 3 days. I just messaged them telling them about this site about them. the lady Rita told me that the complaints were made up by there competitors. lol.. yeah right. they have my money i guess the only thing to do is wait. i am also sending the screen captures of mine and Rita’s conversation to Google and Paypal. they will lose there spot at the top of Google’s list and Paypal can drop them so if any of you are having problems like i am please do the same. this is the only way to make companies follow the rules. at one point Rita even said i told you not to talk about the order i was like why not what else would i be talikg to you about. i guess she didn’t want to discuss the time i ordered. i could go on about the lies i caught her in i am contacting the corporate office tomorrow.

  • OMG I purchased micro loop hair extensiosn and the hair is nice…very wispy tho and thin at the end…whatever inches they say they are…take of about 3 or 4 inches. Also…THE LOOPS ARENT HOLLOW enough for the hair to go through….u can even pull the loop through it. Also the tips are jagged and sharp and its just horrible. I hope they fix this because its unsafe its gonna dig into your scalp and ure gonna be hurt…dont buy from them. I am so disappointed…..

  • Jenny

    Same here! They make it look like they are from Canada, when in fact they are in China! False advertising! I really needed them fast as I had a special event and my normal supplier was out of my color. But they came too late, and they were really thin and fake looking and when I tried to curl the they melted. Total crap but I guess you get what you pay for. I am sticking with my regular supplier and will not venture off again. Buyers beware!

  • Rochelle

    I ordered the deluxe light blonde set and ended up with cheap looking ash blonde colored extensions. No one will talk to me on their site and the hair is not what I ordered. I have always bought my extensions from sallys and decided to try this site out. NEVER AGAIN AND I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE.

  • Tayler

    I wish i knew before i ordered them, i heard it’s not real hair, and it’s thin and wispy, the only good thing is the clips, real depressed.

  • mario

    i had the same issue. and these company is scammer from china :( never trust them :(


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